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  1. jcisar

    Google Analytics module

    Yes I too would like to know when a contribution will be made for the newest ga.js script. I tried installing the original mod using the ga.js script in place of the legacy urchin script. Does anyone think there should be problems? I try to run the verifyer but Google cannot detect a GA installation. Go figure. Thanks for a great contrib. As always, any and all help is much appreciated John
  2. Hello, I want to create a store where users can list their own product, set their own prices, and upload a display photo of the product they are seeking to sell. It would be a consumer to consumer site like ebay. Any thoughts on a contribution(s) which could help me achieve this? Your thoughts are appreciated. John
  3. jcisar

    Issues with Payflow Link

    I use payflow link as well. Mine works. I have both Silent Post and Return Post in my Verisign Payflow manager directed to my site's verisignreturn.php file. try that.
  4. jcisar

    product image help

    Ok. So if I am uploading thumb nailed images of various dimensions to osc, I need not specify the image dimensions in the administration panel since osc allows for only a single specification for product images. Doing so would distort some images- which I have discovered. However, image thumbs uploaded when ?clicked to enlarge? will not show an enlarged image but the small thumbnail itself. The only way to work around that would be to specify in the admin area a product image dimension. There is a conflict of interest here. I need to be able to host product images of multiple dimensions (widths and lengths), as well as enable ?click to enlarge? to open up a larger image of the thumbnail ?all awhile maintaining pleasing image quality in both thumbnail and enlarged image. Can anyone recommend a good contribution(s) which can help me arrive at a solution? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am in need of two contributions. I am seeking a contribution which allows me to have various product image sizes. I sell bumper stickers and window cling-ons. The bumper sticker images are rectangular; however the window cling-on images are square. If I upload the square dimensioned image file to oscommerce, It becomes elongates and distorted since the image file parameters set in my admin panel is set to host image files 170 x42 pixels, which is fine for bumper sticker images but poor for square cling-on images. What is the best contribution out there, if any, that would enable for the hosting of product images of variable proportions? Secondly, the oscommerce ?click to enlarge? link beneath the product images in the catalog doesn?t actually open a window with an image enlargement. How can I get the window to actually show a higher quality enlarged image of the product? Does anyone know of a contribution out there which works best? Thanks, Jcisar
  6. jcisar

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    I actually discovered that the latest contibution version works fine without having edited [Entry 39] of [Configuration_Group] table. The REAL problem was that Featured items weren't being displayed because I never thought to redesignate featured products in my Admin panel upon update to the new contribution version. So yes I never fixed the table, but why fix what doesnt seem broken-even though it did seem broken (but wasnt... :blink: ). Thanks John
  7. jcisar

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    :blink: Thats what I've heard I need to do, but the excess data would be confined to the old table named FEATURED that I already dropped before importing the new featured.sql table file right? So how can I have code left in my database when I already dropped the FEATURED table in my osCommerce Datablase before importing the new FEATURED.SQL table file using phpMyAdmin?
  8. jcisar

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    If help requires more more info on my part, please ask! :D
  9. Hello, I installed the latest featured products contribution to replace version 1.5.2 I had installed. I uninstalled the mysql FEATURED table and tried to install the table given with the v 1.5.4 But the table wont install correctly. I even tried reinstalling the v 1.5.2 table but that wont woork either. In both cases, I get the following error message: SQL-query: INSERT INTO configuration_group( configuration_group_id, configuration_group_title, configuration_group_description, sort_order, visible ) VALUES ( '39', 'Featured', 'Featured Products Display', '339', '1' ) MySQL said: #1062 - Duplicate entry '39' for key 1 Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/libraries/common.lib.php on line 682 Any Ideas as to what I need to do? Thanks John
  10. Is there anyway you could post streamlined step by step instructions for those unfamiliar with PHP? Thhis seems like a cool amendment to the payflow contribution. Thanks
  11. Hello, Thanks Galen. Your contribution is what my store needed, so I can?t wait to get it correctly installed. I opened a bumper sticker using oscommece which can be Viewed Here. My Problem: I recently installed Galen?s image resize contribution (version. resimage_1_2_3_4_5_1) Now I am receiving the following errors in my Admin panel in the inventory section under catalog /category/products. None of my inventory pictures show up right, but instead I get the broken image where my pic should be. Although my inventory pictures are showing in my store catalog, they aren?t resizing at all. I know the problem is in how I installed it, but I am not too sure as to where the problem is within the specified file. Here are the error messages I'm getting in my admin panel under catalog/categories/products: Warning: copy(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESres/got love_162_42.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/censored/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 93 Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/censored/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 94 What are these error message trying to tell me? What should I do next? The lines 93 and 94 cited in the error message for /admin/includes/functions/html_output.php contain the following: copy($src, $filename_small); exec(DIR_IMAGEMAGICK . "mogrify +profile \"*\" -filter Lanczos -quality 75 -geometry " . $width . " \"" . Thanks Galen. jcisar
  12. I think I fixed it. The Admin Panel is now showing an SEO section After getting the cache table working, I had to unistall then reinstall the proper cache-enabled code provided by chemo for the htm_output.php file. That seemed to turn things around. Thanks Chemo and EriK
  13. Thanks EricK, That opened my store back up.... ur great! DO you, or anyone else for that matter, happen to know what the table is that install-seo.php creates? I need to manually install that one too. I figure I need to manually install it since I do not see any changes under my Admin/Configuration panel.
  14. Server info Linux MySQL 4.3.10 4.3.10 (Zend: 1.3.0) Apache 1.3.33 (Unix) Click here for the Catalog with Issue. Hey Chemo, Im encountering an error message after I install it. By the way, your contribs making me drooling to use... My PHP skills are like that of a chimpanzee so I am nearly handicapped when it comes to finding my way out of problems encountered once I install contributions, and I am certain I have made a silly mistake. I installed the latest Ultimate SEO contribution as the instructions specified. Then I uploaded all the contribution files to the respective directories as directed in Step 1. Next I installed to my /catalog/ directory install-seo.php and install-cache.php and executed the automatic installers one at a time ( Step 2). I than added and overwrote the lines of codes in teh appropriate files as directed in Steps 3-8. I then when to my admin panel and under Admin/Configuration/ I did not notice any new features. So then i opened up my oscommerce catalog in my web browser located HERE, and noticed the following message: 1146 - Table 'censored_osc1.cache' doesn't exist DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_expires <= '2005-02-04 06:43:18' [TEP STOP] Any ideas? From what I can tell, It appears as if something prevented install-cache.php from creating the cache table in my osc_1 database. Since I use SSL, is it likely that the SSL interfered with the installation of cache tables? Your help is appreciated. PS: Is there a way for me to manually create those two tables (install-cache.php) and (install-seo.php) other than though the two auto-nstallers you provided? As of now I am locked out and cant seem to open them up again. jcisar
  15. jcisar


    Stewart, Ive been having trouble with your 1stOSC AFFILIATE version. I receive error messages when I add in the line <?PHP include "check1.php"; ?> to my post-checkout file. An yes, I did rename check1.php into something more illusive. Im not sure exactly where I am supposed to be adding this line, or in what file exactly. Is it the checkout_success.php file, or the checkout_complete.php file? Checkout_success is my customer return page upon completion of a purchase by a customer. Ive tried both files, so ether way, I receive error messages. You say to add it at the top of the page above all code. Do you mean to say that I am to add this above the opening <?php tag? Or is <?PHP include "check1.php"; ?> supposed to replace the <?php ...? Many thanks, John