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  1. PhilipH

    How to instal?

    Try reading the manual - click here !!
  2. PhilipH


    John, People like you are getting osCommerce a bad name. Your comments are unhelpful and foul mouthed. Your a relative newbee to the forums and I would ask you to respect the forum and those on it. The continious use of the word 'crap' and foul language will have your posts removed. Be helpful in your comments. With an excess of 55 thousand members, most looking for help, a lot willing to give and offer help and support, help can sometimes be slow. Treat others with the respect that you would like to recieve. PhilipH
  3. PhilipH

    Paypal IPN - no IPN notification

    Hi john thanks for replying, Usings harolds version. I was using Paypal shopping cart with IPN V2.9 but was not getting email notifications to clients and hadn't time to work out a mod. Also with this conrib I was not getting IPN. Any ideas ? PhilipH
  4. PhilipH

    Paypal IPN - no IPN notification

    Call me thick if you want to but I cannot find out how to enable paypal notifications. I have found the option in paypal and ticked the box, however it needs a URL to be able to send the info to. Other than my url www.mysite.com what specific url do I need ? Regards PhilipH
  5. PhilipH

    Paypal Module

    Hi Folks, I'm having the same problem, and until now I thought it was my fault. :-( I've had a quick glance throught the coding of the paypal mod and it turns out it has it's own checkout process.php file with no order confirmation. I'm gonna give it a go to see if I'm right with a quick bit of coding. If anybody else has any suggestions .... keep 'em flowing .,..... Regards PhilipH
  6. I have copied the Royal mail contrib, and made a second copy to enable priority posting. I renamed the fields to MODULE_SHIPPING_ANPOSTPRIORITY_ZONES_COST1_ etc. instead of MODULE_SHIPPING_ROYALMAIL_ZONES_COST1_ i.e. found and replaced all ROYALMAIL and replaced with ANPOSTPRIORITY. The problem is that I cannot select a higher postage rate that the priority shipping module is giving me. I have used the contrib by DStomp I was having problems with my customers using the cheapest (default) method for all their orders. I think this is because people get in a hurry. I disabled this default option by removing some code in a couple of pages. The end result..no shipping option is selected by default, forcing the user to make a selection, thus....READ. Here ya go part 1 includes/classes/shipping.php take out these lines(it is the last function on the page)...don't forget to complete the second part of this instruction function cheapest() { if (is_array($this->modules)) { $rates = array(); reset($this->modules); while (list(, $value) = each($this->modules)) { $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled) { $quotes = $GLOBALS[$class]->quotes; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($quotes['methods']); $i<$n; $i++) { if (isset($quotes['methods'][$i]['cost']) && tep_not_null($quotes['methods'][$i]['cost'])) { $rates[] = array('id' => $quotes['id'] . '_' . $quotes['methods'][$i]['id'], 'title' => $quotes['module'] . ' (' . $quotes['methods'][$i]['title'] . ')', 'cost' => $quotes['methods'][$i]['cost']); } } } } $cheapest = false; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($rates); $i<$n; $i++) { if (is_array($cheapest)) { if ($rates[$i]['cost'] < $cheapest['cost']) { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } else { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } return $cheapest; } } Part 2 catalog/checkout_shipping.php take out if ( !tep_session_is_registered('shipping') || ( tep_session_is_registered('shipping') && ($shipping == false) && (tep_count_shipping_modules() > 1) ) ) $shipping = $shipping_modules->cheapest(); I hope this helps. Thanks Dr Stomp however it still will not accept my selection of higher postage. Any Ideas ?? PhilipH