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  1. piertools

    Contribution Request: Manual Order Entry

    One slight thing that I did forget to mention and maybe you could help me with it..... when I go to the process shipping page from the orders link I have to refresh for the items in the order to appear onthe page. Any suggestions palmsandgardens? Thanks Brandon Stewart
  2. piertools

    Contribution Request: Manual Order Entry

    I am a little apprehensive of installing the new version palmsand gardens. Although I love the contrib and, frankly, being extremely new to php got the old version working on the first try. I can honestly say there are other contribs with much less file and coe changes that Istill have yet to get working. This is definitly not a contrib to be afraid of. It helps me a great deal on auctions and order corrections. I had 3 cusomters in one day contact me to correct their order. Before I had to delete the order and have them re-enter it. Not a good solution when a vistors attention span is about the width of a split atom, and other sites out there with many of the same products that I am competeing against. I say way to go on this contrib, and encourage users (newbies and pros alike) to install this contrib as it eases many problems that are otherwise way too time consuming to deal with any other way. Thanks Again Brandon Stewart
  3. There is a great contribution here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,832/page,10 that allows the admin to log into a customers account and also allows you to manually place orders under their account as well as manage auctions etc. Check it out.. It has a lot of reprogramming and can be touchy to set up but well worth the time and effort. I couldn't do without it.