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  1. I'm using OSC v2.2 RC1. I installed the All In One, and allmost everything seems to work as it should. The newsletter -plugin seems to have a problem with the "Advanced Bulk Mailer" -feature. As I see it, the script writes all customers, who should get the newsletter to the new table, created with the included SQL. When I sent a message, all the clients, who had checked the newsletter, received it. But when I re-pressed the send button, the script still shows, that no-one has received the post! I checked the db, and all the names can be seen on the customers_temp -table. I re-checked the instruction a few times, but couldnt find anything I have forgotten. Please, a little push to the right direction... :e
  2. I hope so. I went trough all the files related to this issue. I dowloaded the files from both of my shops; from the one with the bug - and from the one without it. I compared the files .. and coulndt find anything that could give me an explanation.
  3. Hi. How about trying from the adminpanel? ADMIN -> Product Listing -> Display Product Image :-" ..shouldnt that do the trick?
  4. The weirdest thing.. anybody familiar with this? I just installed "email invoice" into 2 shops. In the other shop it works nicely .. but in the other one there seems to be a weird problem. On the invoice, that is emailed.. only the first letter of the customers home country is shown. SEND TO: John Doe Homestreet 1 Hometown 00000 S "S" should be sweden. If I open invoice from the adminpanel, the full countryname is shown. Also .. if I open the "non HTML" confirmation email, the same thing. I just dont get it. i Havent changed this basic code: <tr><td class="main"><?php echo tep_address_format($order->customer['format_id'], $order->customer, 1, '', '<br>'); ?></td></tr> Anyone .. ideas? Peaceful christmastime to all of you!