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  1. Mighty Mike

    SUPPORT : XML Export contribution

    Hi expert, Just curious as how you are doing with the XML Import? I have also started doing this and have got a working PHP Parser to put the values into an array. But, I am not sure on how to implement the inserting/updating of the database. Any ideas on how i would go about this? Thanks Mike
  2. Mighty Mike

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi, Can anybody help me with a change i need to do? if ($authorised === true) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, 'protx_id='.$protx_id, 'SSL')); } else { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'payment_error=protx_direct&error=' . urlencode($error_detail), 'SSL', true, false)); } I need to change this statement so that the redirect goes to a certain page dependent upon the products category.. Ie. "if $authorised === true 'and' $categories_id = 'xxx' goto FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS_XXX else FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS" Is there an easy way to do this? is the $categories_id available to use? Thanks to anyone who can shed any light on how to do this...
  3. Hi Hope someone can help me out here. What i am trying to do is remove a category from the all products page. With my old page i had the following sql As you can see i have in there which removes that category. I am having some difficulty in adding that statement into the new query Can anybody point me in the right direction, i have been attempting to do it for hours now but no luck :( Thanks
  4. Mighty Mike

    osPlayer v2

    can this play movies also?
  5. Mighty Mike

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    Mark, ill be on msn from 6ish tonight, ill explain then and show you my code. I have it so it shows on all product pages, not sure if it can be done for a single product tho, maybe with an if statement (display this else display that). ill speak to you l8r m8 cheers mike
  6. Mighty Mike

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    Mark, What does this contrib do? anything like what my product pages look like? Mike
  7. Mighty Mike

    Protx form

    Hi Replace $plain .= "Description='" . STORE_NAME . "'&"; With for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->products); $i<$n; $i++) { $products_ordered = $order->products[$i]['qty'] . ' x ' . $order->products[$i]['name'] . ' = ' . $currencies->display_price($order->products[$i]['final_price'], $order->products[$i]['tax'], $order->products[$i]['qty']) . $products_ordered_attributes . "\n"; } $plain .= "Description='" . $products_ordered . " from " . STORE_NAME . "'&"; I think that should work a bit better for ya cheers
  8. Mighty Mike

    PROTX Form - how to configure

    you enter your "encryption password" in your osc admin look for modules payments then find protx, thats where you enter your vendor name and password
  9. Cheers BeTheWater (What film is that out of?) :blink: Did the upgrade to 2.0b and all is working fine now :D All my indexed pages are with the SEO urls and also the site is not live yet so i dont need the redirect script. I will upgrade it again soon. Would i need to resubmit my pages to google again? or what we are doing is just telling google to use these pages for links/crawl.? Thanks for your help Cheers Mike :thumbsup:
  10. Thanks BeTheWater I will upgrade to v2.0b now, and as you say, once the 2.1x version is ironed out ill upgrade to that at a later date. Its a real shame and a great loss is all i can say, I wish Bobby all the best in the future at whatever he does and will pop onto his board for any updates.
  11. i also dont have this file either if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'seo.class.php') ){ require_once(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'seo.class.php'); $seo_urls = new SEO_URL($languages_id); } maybe i should just upgrade to a later version :-"
  12. was the first thing i did, still had no luck :-(
  13. ok i think i am talking bollocks a bit here, it looks like i have "Ultimate SEO URLs v1.4" doh
  14. ok had a look and i dont have a "if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'cache.class.php') ){" cache.class.php file in includes/classes but i do have a page_cache.php file shall i change the code to use that one? but i do have this file " if ( file_exists('includes/seo_cache.php') ){ "
  15. Generated Google Product Sitemap Successfully Generated Google Category Sitemap Successfully Generated Google Sitemap Index Successfully CONGRATULATIONS! All files generated successfully. this output? sorry not 100% sure on what you mean