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  1. Hi, I have installed this contrib and i have some problems. On trying to go thru checkout i get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_session_is_registered() in C:\Domains\\wwwroot\catalog\new\checkout_nochex.php on line 16 I did do the above solution for people with STS (which i have) as it was blank before. Line 16 is the line which starts with if. I already changed it from customer_id to customers_id as that is lower down in the array. I am not sure where else to look. Also I tried the test APC, but not got any emails at all. Any idea there? Thanks, this is the last contrib i want to install then i can start designing. Please help. Giovanna
  2. First it is PHP, not HTML. What you will need to do is download the file general.php and open it in a php editor or dreamweaver or frontpage and check out line 926. It says it does not expect a @ and it does expect a { If you want any of the people here to have a look at it you will have to copy and paste that line and some more above and below it so we can see it. HTH Giovanna
  3. I think i got a mental block. I installed the COD + COP contrib and have the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in C:\Domains\\wwwroot\catalog\new\admin\includes\functions\html_output.php on line 313 I have put a 313 infront of the line., but i cannot see an error with it. Anyone see the problem? Cheers, Giovanna
  4. Cheers, took my backup and redone the file and it is working now. Man, you are almost as quick as my host. (My host responds on average within 10 minutes of me mailing him) I will link to your site. Mainly to the Dutch shirt your selling, as my main audience is Dutch Expats that live in the UK. With the oncoming World Cup, I will definatly send some customers your way. Ta, Giovanna
  5. I have got this installed and working, absolutly brilliant. The only thing is that the watermarks dont work. Any idea. Let me know if you need my website link or any other info. Edit: Just found i get an error when i want to change the font or image: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_cfg_pull_down_installed_fonts() in C:\Domains\\wwwroot\catalog\new\admin\configuration.php(125) : eval()'d code on line 1 Not realy sure where to look as on the configuration.php line 1 is <?php Giovanna
  6. The best way to get around is to go into your MySQL with phpmyadmin and go to Zones and edit London to Greater London. I tested that and it works. HTH Giovanna
  7. Hmm I have just bee reading about the new 'On the fly' with added extra's how easy is it to go from this version to the new? Giovanna
  8. HI, I have just installed OTF 2.1.2 I have been able to get this working before. I have my catalog installed in catalog\new. I have created a thumbnails directory in the images folder and one in the root folder as said here. Still i get the red cross and no images, but if I click on enlarge, the image is fine. Is there anywhere where i can change the setting so it knows the path is catalog\new\images. My configure.php is set correctly Giovanna
  9. Hi, If you have STS installed the lay out of the site (size of boxes and where they are) are done in the sts_template.html. The best thing i can say is to open up the template in DW or Frontpage and there you will see how the boxes are setup with all the different sections. To make changes i would say find a good html tutorial site. I did and it helped me understand the coding of the columns and rows. You have to see it as a big table in word and you need to change the width and lenght of some columsn and rows. HTH Giovanna
  10. OK, first of all 350 grams is 0.35 not 350.00 that would be 350 kilo's! Also in your admin go to configuration and then shipping. Oscommerce comes standard with 3 kilo's of tare weight. Just change it to 0. And any other settings in there. Check if they are the way you want. You will also have to adjust your shipping rates to 0.25:1.50, etc See if that works better. Giovanna
  11. I have used the on the fly contrib, check with your host which GD version they use (i think you can check it via admin-->tools-->server) Not all hosts have it installed. Make sure you download the 1.5 of the original creator Nate Welch. When I did it, it didnt work either, but found out via my host I had a parse error somewhere. Make sure you can check errors as sometimes (as on my host) it doesn't show untill they check their error reporting. Let me know if you have any particulair problems. Giovanna
  12. What you will need to do is setup the zones first. SInce the UK is in OSCommerce as one country, you will need to add the UK County contrib so you have all the counties of the UK. Then you will need to setup these zones (ie England, Zone 1, Wales, Zone 2) with the counties. Then you will need to set the zone rates. Now I only got one special zone, so I am not sure about multiple zones. But if you do a search on this forum, I am sure you will come up with something. Put the weights into your products (ie 100gr is 0.10 and 1Kg is 1.00) Then in the shipping zones you need to set the weight:price, so if you ship everything under 1Kg for ?5, and everything 2Kg for ?7.50 it should look like this 0.99:5.00;1.99:7.50. HTH Giovanna
  13. No sorry you don't. If you use weight dependand shipping, why would you want to have different copies. The shipping module can calculate it for you. You add the weight per item and in the order total the shipping module will look at the weight total and calculate shipping. You make it sound so much more difficult then it is. Giovanna
  14. Check out Diamondsea's profile and click on his sts link, he has got a faq on there. I think it has instructiosn there. Giovanna
  15. Download the contrib form the link above and follow the instructions in the readme Giovanna