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  1. Hi I installed your skype contrib, but the status images will not show, I changed the config in skype privacy also. But it still does not show on www.oefenhoofden.nl

  2. Hi I installed your skype contrib, but the status images will not show, I changed the config in skype privacy also. But it still does not show on www.oefenhoofden.nl

  3. wheeloftime

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    I see what you mean but to get both rates you would have to call the fedex module twice, once with filled company name and once without. Est. Shipping is just a wrapper around the defined shipping modules and will call those with the information known at that point. I don't know the fedex module but is seems easier to create an exception there as with est. shipping. You could check there if you are on a checkout page and if not retrieve both quotes, otherwise just the one valid for that customer. If you want to do it within est. shipping you would have to create an extra call to the fedex module with the only difference the company name filled in and empty. Not so easy to do it there.
  4. wheeloftime

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Hi Dave, This more sounds like a 'problem' in your FedEx contribution. If you do not want to filter on a filled in or not filled in company field you should change it there. Regards, Howard
  5. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hi there eww! Not much to add I guess since you already answered the questions you had :thumbsup: I just hope the contribution is usefull enough for your purposes. Cheers, Howard
  6. wheeloftime

    Need help with "buy now"

    You will find such option readily available within the admin settings ! Go to admin->configuration and look for the option 'Display Cart After Adding Product'. Set it to false and that should be it. The only caveat with this is that if you use the Buy Now button for products with attributes you will be brought to the product details page instead of staying with the product listing. HTH
  7. wheeloftime

    Question for the moderators

    Hello DW, No, I am afraid that is not possible. All sources need to be GPL and available on our servers. Maybe you can just make a whole package and with the installation instructions tell which ones are to be used and relevant for osC. regards, Howard
  8. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hi Paul, Well, there is not much reason why it wouldn't work with your shop ! Check if you have the admin->configuration->Make an Offer menu and whether you have the option 'Accept offer directly' set to true or false. Depending on that you should have either a button in your products pages or an entry box where you can type an amount. As this is on a per product base you will have to mark your products eligible for accepting an offer yes or no which you have to do when you create/edit products through the admin. If no products are marked to be able to accept an offer you will see nothing of MAO in your catalog ! regards, Howard
  9. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    You will have to go through the installation steps again carefully as somewhere you are calling this function twice. It could be that you have put the following twice in your (catalog)/includes/application_top.php // define how the mao functions will be used require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'make_an_offer_to_cart.php'); Howard
  10. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Stan, The 'new files' is just saying which files are new to the osCommerce installation and will not overwrite existing files. They are not created, you have to copy them yourself from the package to the correct location(s) in your shop installation. I hope you can find a solution quickly for the remaining problems ! Howard
  11. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hi Stan, It would have been strange if MAO was responsible for the blank page but what is causing it is hard to tell this way. I could have a look if you like though. As for documentation on the osC programming part I am afraid there is little to nothing. It is learning while doing like most of us, including me, and step by step learning the interaction between the different parts of osCommerce. The 'tep' is just a programming default naming standard and used for the various functions inside the function libraries. When you are going to invent a new function to be used in some part of osCommerce it is meant to use the tep in front of the name, like ie. tep_my_new_function(parameter 1, parameter 2,..). Howard
  12. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hello Stan, No, the index.php should not be involved with the changes but I can not tell if you maybe made some other changes on the line also which could have affected this. It would be nice if you can give us a link to your shop URL to hopefully see what happens as without more information it is almost impossible to tell what is going on. I am not sure what you mean with 'inserting into the configuration_group 'Values' ? The SQL statements say: This whole piece you paste into the SQL block within phpMyAdmin and after running that it should be it. If you get an error that something from these already exists and want to start clean you have to go to phpMyAdmin and first go to the configuration_group table. There you will find an entry Make An Offer which you simply delete. Then you go to the tabel Configuration and look for MAO entries (probably on the last page if this was the last contrib you were working on). Delete all entries where you see MAO amongt the configuration_key field. After that you can try again with the SQL commands as a whole. Howard
  13. wheeloftime

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    ManFromMars, The sql file is just a normal text file you van view/edit with any text editor (like you do ie. with php files). You can copy/paste only those parts from the sql file to the phpMyAdmin SQL tab which seem to not have run yet. That blank page though has nothing to do with those SQL statements, somewhere you made a mistake when applying changes. Check for spaces at the end of the index.php file (after the last ?> tag). Howard
  14. wheeloftime

    cookie usage problem

    Normally the 'Force Cookie Use' should be set to false. If the session id stays with your url after a few clicks in your shop it mostly means the settings for within the (catalog)/includes/configure.php are wrong.