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  1. Hi Dominic Very unsual.. everything has started working again.. running on latest PHP again.. and the oscommerce version thing is working. Web provider is adament they haven't changed anything server side since I reported the issue... anyway it's working. Liking your script , I had a different aus post last year (thought that was a problem, but in hindsight, probably not!). Do you think you will ever have this script support letter rates? Cheers
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply. Yeah I am sure something else is at play. On advice elsewhere I set (via cpanel) PHP to V5.2 + Zend Optimisation and the internal error disappears for this addon and the version checker. Web provider says very little has changed in the pass two weeks. They have put in place a new firewall system, but believe that is functioning fine... :/ Cheers Luke
  3. Hi Is this script/addon PHP 5.4 / 5.5 compatible ? Looks like that (it maybe) is part of my problem Looks like it uses session_unregister which is no longer supported? Thanks
  4. Hi I have set this up on a fresh installation. Problem I am having is that when you go to checkout and get to checkout_shipping.php I get a 500 Internal Server Error and it generates a core file dump. If I disable this module; checkout_shipping.php does not crash. (background: on my live website I was using another aus post module from 12 months and it has worked for 10months, last few days it started causing internal server error, so with advice from webhost that its a problem with the code, I found your newer module. installed it. same problem. Best way to troubleshoot I though would be to do a fresh load of oscommerce, no mods and then install only this mod/addon - still have same issue - webhost still blames code.) Any advice you can provide as to why it could be generating this error? Thanks
  5. Warp

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi, I get this error message when try to upload to google Fatal error: Call to undefined function ftp_connect() in /home/MYWEBSITE/htdocs/catalog/adminarea/googlefeeder.php on line 558 Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Warp

    StarTrack Express Shipping Module

    Hi Chris, I have googled.. for many hours.. and the only links I get direct me to his website to download... I don't mind it being 'old code' - as you said, can be modified to bring it up to date. Thanks! Luke
  7. Hi, I am trying to track down the shipping module for StarTrack Express (Australia). Looks like SnowTech did one sometime ago, but their website is not functioning (hasn't been for sometime). Does anyone have a copy of this script/module Cheers Luke
  8. Warp


    Hi mate, how did you go with this? interested in doing the same Thanks Luke
  9. Thank you philippo! I had same problem as you. Cheers mate!
  10. I tried this script some time ago.. but didn't work ("undefined" error message) Anyone know if it works in Mozilla/Opera yet?
  11. mmm same problem here....