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  1. HowellJ

    Free shipping but PayPal still charges

    So am I SOL with this add-on? What about PayPal standard? I take it PayPal is not pulling from the final checkout calculation?
  2. My store uses the flat rate shipping module to charge $10 per order. Orders are processed through PayPal standard (or express). We're now offering gift certificates which of course shouldn't be charged shipping. I installed the Free Shipping Per Product module (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8409). It allows my flag products that should have free shipping. It works well and the checkout shows "free shipping" BUT when the order is passed to PayPal the $10 shipping charge is still there. Somehow the add-on has not changed what PayPal sees. Any ideas?
  3. Working on Big Wave Shrimp's store

  4. HowellJ

    [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin

    It's amazing what a little read can do. I loaded 2.7 (the latest posted) and racked my brain. It wouldn't work at all. I read the article and followed the instruction to load 2.6. It worked like a charm. Thanks for this contrib. Why don't you simply remove 2.7? I read on about randomizing the output. And this works too. That's cool but what I'm looking for is a random output if no products are linked for cross-sell. This is a lot of work to go through 100's of products and manually link them. If not, no cross-selling occurs. If no products are linked for cross-sell, is there a way for the store to automatically and randomly pull other products from atleast the same category? My store is located at http://www.erobony.com to see this mod. You'll need to search for "clone". This will bring up products that are linked.
  5. is building erobony.com

  6. This is driving me batty. My client's original site was working and able to accept PayPal express payments. I installed CCGV. I haven't thoroughly checked all the functions but discount and free shipping calculations are good. I can still launch the PayPal express checkout but no payments are transacted. Also there's no fields to enter credit card info when direct payment is selected. What's the deal? The site is: http://www.risquechiconline.com/catalog/ I’m at a loss. Either I can restore the original working site and tell the client it doesn’t work or try to fix it, problem is I don’t know where to start. Is anyone familiar with this issue? Any ideas? Any pros out there willing to make some $$?
  7. HowellJ

    No credit card saved

    I installed the latest WPP from your site. When a customer clicks on the PayPal express checkout it basically refreshes the page. When a customer puts in their credit card information and confirms the order, they receive an confirmation invoice. The order shows up in the invoice section. It doesn't make much sense to go back and ask the customer for the information again. It appears we, the store, have lost their information. What's the point of installing SSL? Maybe I have it installed incorrectly but this doesn't make sense. Thanks for your input. Response from Brian Burton at Dynamo Effects: Yes, that is correct. The credit card information is not stored during the checkout process so the customer's credit card information must be entered manually if you want to use the "Add Charge" feature. You must request the information from the customer. The idea behind that feature is if a customer calls to change their order, you can use the order editor contribution to modify the contents and quickly add a charge by requesting the customer's payment information over the phone. It will not allow you to add a charge without first contacting the customer and retrieving their payment information. You don't need to ask the customer for their address information, just their credit card information. In order to store credit card information after the sale, you must be PCI compliant, which requires a serious investment and for that reason the credit card information is not stored. What's more is that you are not allowed to store the customer's CVV2 code at any point, so you would still need to contact them for that information. So unless you are prepared to make a serious investment in your server infrastructure and security procedures, this is as good as it gets.
  8. HowellJ

    No credit card saved

    I installed a new store (risquechiconline.com) for a client. I installed the WPP Add-on. After a few days of working this site, we're good to go. BUT when a customer clicks on the PayPal Express image, they are looped back to the same page and not taken to PayPal. After putting in their credit card, the order processes and shows complete. I log in as administrator to view orders. The order has an Add Charge button. I click on it and a window pops-up with blank credit card info fields. Where's the credit card data provided by the customer? Is this normal? How much does it cost to have a specialist jump this?
  9. HowellJ

    Fix for Internal Error (10001)

    I've been pulling my hair out looking for an answer as to why I'm getting "Internal Error (10001)" when running wpp_diagnostics. It turns out, atleast in my situation, the wpp code sends the email address that's posted in the store catalog. This is different from the PayPal account we're using. Matching the store email address to the paypal account resolved the error in the diagnostics.
  10. Like a lot of you, I researched and loaded this mod at my client's request. I quoted (and received) $330 for this install and it was fairly straightforward. My client's site (http://kelseysbaby.com) has other mods so I can't perform a straight install and overwrite files. The mod worked as designed but there are things to know about it. 1- The design is centered this one process of adding from the registry. If you want to continue shopping or re-visit the registry, cart contents are not carried over. Each time you add from the registry, the cart zeros out. 2- Adding from registry forces visitors to log-in or create an account before going to the cart. A big turn-off! Normally, the only time a visitor faces the choice of creating an account or logging in, is when they have decided to check-out. Not with this mod; the choice comes way too early. 3- Need a way to print out registries for in-store use. Both online visitors and in-store help would like the ability to print out customer registries. Number one rule about online commerce: do not confuse the customer. Customers WILL NOT trust their credit cards to anything that seems unusual. Disappearing cart contents and being forced to create an account JUST to add something to your cart are not the norm. I uninstalled this mod until these issues can be resolved. I contacted Marc Hauge who proposed a $120 to $140 range to install it for me. However, he didn’t install it (or even attempt to) during the time period set aside for him. Luckily, I didn’t pay in advance. I installed it myself. I spoke with Gunter and his response is: “You can't move one item at a time. You need to add all items at once and then immediately proceed to checkout. When I programmed this modification I looked at several registries and discussed the features in the OSCommerce forum. That's what we came up with at that time. You can either do a regular purchase or a registry purchase. A registry purchase clears the shopping cart.” Regarding the issue where the visitor is required to open an account or log-in just to add an item to the cart, his response: “That's intended as well.” Hope all this information saves you time and effort. Atleast you know what to expect. This is an excellent mod but has issues that need to be resolved to be used in mainstream commerce.
  11. This is an excellent add-on. I recommended and installed it for a friend. He upgraded to QuickBooks POS Pro and does not have the option to export in IIF format. (FYI, I upgraded my 2005 vers to QuickBook Simple Start 2008 which has NO export features.) My friend is only able to export in Excel format. When he uploads the file into your add-on he gets "Page can't be found". Is there much of a difference between these formats? Do you have a workaround for Excel files?