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  1. Please post the line! (not the one in the admin directory) And if it contains further VARIABLES, find those and post those too... you need to follow the complete chain. Sometimes through 4 or 5 different files.
  2. arnolde

    Printing UPS Shipping labels

    I wrote something in 2005 which added a "print UPS label" in the admin panel. The shop had been closed since 2006, but I'll dig it out again and when I understand it all again, maybe I'll post it here (dont want to promise yet). Basically it used UPS XML and you simply put the weight into a textbox, and pressed the button and it did all the rest, loading a page from the ups web interface ready to print. even worked with an old Eltron 2442 label printer. This was in Germany, using the German UPS website, but possible usable everywhere. You need your own XML developer codes, keys, UPS account, bla... all that you can get from the UPS website, but be prepared to spend 10-14 days until you have everything.
  3. Okay, the variable MYSQL_ASSOC is defined somewhere else. Search the included php files for MYSQL_ASSOC and see what it looks like. On a Unix based server, use: "grep -r MYSQL_ASSOC *.php"
  4. That means there is a syntax error in the sql command in that line. Check carefully for typos/editing mistakes. Or download the source again and replace that one line from the original file again. (I dont use this contrib, and havent looked at the files, this advice is just general for that error message, I've had it several times)
  5. arnolde

    Blue Hex template

    The demo page http://e-themes.info/oscommerce/index.php seems broken, I cant see what it looks like, please fix :-) Meanwhile, can anyone else post an example of their shop so i can see what it looks like? Thanks!