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  1. gillweb

    Blank Infobox?

    Man sometimes the easiest questions have the simplest answeres :P Thanks Chris
  2. gillweb

    Blank Infobox?

    Does anyone have a contrib or the code I would use to add an Infobox? I need to add my own Infobox with my own HTML in it. Just need a blank Infobox contrib.... :wink: Thanks
  3. gillweb

    RSS ??

    Works like a charm :!: thank you sooooo much! :-)
  4. gillweb

    RSS ??

    Has anyone successfully used the Backend RSS conrtib on a non-CMS site? I'm just looking to put the "whats new" box on a php page that is not within OSC my OSC site... Any help with this would be great!