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    CC module | More cards, issue number, ccv

    I admit it probably isnt an easy job, but neither is being a flash and motion developer. Saying that, I simply cannot create this mod by myself, otherwise I probably wouldnt be using OsCommerce in the first place. I am willing to comission someone to produce this mod. Throw a fee at me.
  2. IanWharton

    CC module | More cards, issue number, ccv

    One last thing... If there is no such mod, or method to the above. If the client chose Secpay ( a uk company ) is there any way to make it "seemless" as in, never leaving the oscommerce shopping cart? at the minute, on click to collect payment information, it jumps to the Secpay template.
  3. Im astonished with the limitations of the cc module. Clients need to be able to handle more cards. Switch, solo, collect ccv, issue numbers. Not everyone needs to use thrid party payment software/companies. I know there is the cc_ccv++ mod, but it is no use on MS2 or higher. I cant believe there are no more options to oscommerce. In the UK switch and solo cards account for 33% of all consumer transactions. We dont want to use any payment gateway, as the client has a pdq machine, but can someone who knows the community shed some light as to whats available? Regards, Ian Wharton Liquideye-designs.com