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  1. gizm0man

    Protx Form - Authenticate and Authorise problem

    Well done Michael, I just tested it and it works fine for success & failure
  2. gizm0man

    Protx form - not redirecting correctly

    can some one please confirm, whether the changes to the capital letter "C" from small "c" is only for the test server or it got to be changed for the live server as well!!!
  3. gizm0man

    PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    The existing module is capable of handling 3 d secure without any changes. You are also correct in chnaging the hidden TxType field to 'AUTHENTICATE' to start using their new service AUTHENTICATE and AUTHORISE But please note this system only goes live on 1st of August, so don't make any changes now unless you want to test it with the live server. $plain .= "Apply3DSecure=0" . "&"; Rgarding the above code it is only an option. If you set up the 3d secure rule in the admin part of protx (which is much easier to do) you won't need it. Some one mentioned about redid the protx module to work with the ver 2.22 protocol, and also to work with 3d secure. I am not sure why??. The existing one is more than capable of doing the job. IF it is a question of Authenticate and Authorise, it is just a matter of changing one TXType field to "AUTHENTICATE" from DEFERRED or PREAUTH (depends what you are using at the moment) Hope it helps.
  4. gizm0man

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the tip. I just tried it on the live server & it worked like a dream . It did verify the address & also send the email with the address & the verification note. So if you are a shop owner all you have to remember is that you match up the address from paypal with the address on the invoice before sending the item. If not some one could trick you in to sending the item to a different address. but it is a minor issue though
  5. gizm0man

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    First of all Thank you guys for doing the mod. I am a Uk based seller & I sell items world wide. The only reason I use paypal is becuase to stop fraud transcations from US. I only use paypal for US customers due to the high charges. But in a way it is a peace of mind becuase thy can verifiy the us customer address & let me know whether it is protected or not. Also some one mentioned that they can only verify US customers . It is not true because they do verify UK customers as well. All this time I used the very old paypal mod ( not the ipn) & didn't have any problems except loosing one or two orders once a while & had to manually enter it. But it worked fine in terms of verifiying the address & also when the email was sent it did have the address. but when i saw this mod i thought wow it is going to solve my issue with loosing orders . So i installed it. But after upgrading to this mod even though it stopped the disappearing orders, in terms of verifiction it doesn't work. But the problem may be just restricted to paypal account holders. because unless the address is passed on to paypal it has no way of verifying it & when you log in as a paypal customer it doesn't display the address. I do agree that paypal only support sending the items to the registered address . but still it doesn't solve the security issue . for an example even if you are not verifed by paypal they wil still protect the transacation in some cases. but in this case even though i used a verified paypal account, still it didn't show the paypal protection. so what we really need is the function of the old mod with the ipn protection, so we won't loose the orders at the same time we can also have the option we had before which is to see whether it is protected & verified or not
  6. gizm0man

    payment total is 0

    Thanks for that. But i found my problem uk currency wasn't set up for GBP. now it works
  7. gizm0man

    payment total is 0

    Hi Eevery one , Hope some one can help me. My shop is based in UK and only accept GBP. every thing works fine in shipping cart & also it looks alright in admin if I select other payment method ( cheque or cash). but if I use paypal or nochex or credit debit card ( protx) method then the total becomes 0 or not shown on any of the card processor sites. Hope some one can help me . Thanks
  8. Can some one please help me. I am trying to setup the order total in the following way. product total discount voucher at 5 % shipping gift wrapp tax at 17.5% Total basically i want to give 5 % discount for the product total and as I am in UK I need to charge tax on the total value ( including shipping ). I have installed all the correct mods but for some reason the discount doesn't work & also even though the tax works ok for some reason the tax for the gift wrapp is displayed as 17.5 in a separate line. also the the gfit wrapp price displays with tax included as well (17.5%) so can some one pls tell me the order it should be. Thanks
  9. gizm0man

    UK shipping

    Thanks a lot . Much appreciated
  10. gizm0man

    UK shipping

    Hi Every one, I am new to oscommerce & i am trying to set up a shop with royal mail recorded delivery/special / air sure & parcel force. what i want to do is i want 4 methods. 1 . for uk customers recorded delivery( up to 2 kg only) 2. uk customers special delivery (up to 2kg only) 2. air sure for international customers Europe & the rest of the world( up to 2 kg only) 3. parcel force for UK & europe (If the items are above 2 kg in weight). but no shipping to rest of the world if the items are more than 2 kg. Becuase it is cheaper to use parcel force if the item is more than 2 kg I have found 2 modules so far for recorded/special delivery Is there any way of doing this please any help would be appreciated. Thanks