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  1. After a lot of mucking around I finally have this working. I have this installed on a Linux server and noticed that some of the functions used in this module are from the php-domxml extension. I asked my website host to install this for me and it worked - Magic. Oh, and I think with a Windows server you need to ensure that the domxml.dll has been installed, but I don't really know much about Windows servers. I hope that this helps someone else.
  2. Did you manage to get this working? I am having the same problem.
  3. Hi, Just wondering how this went? I am wanting to do something similar.
  4. I am using Option Type Feature v1.6, but I was also wanting to put a quantity field on the product_info.php page for each of the radio buttons listed. The contribution for "easy way add Qty box in your product_info.php" doesn't include the Option Type Feature v1.6. Can anyone help me?