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  1. Hi all, We want to offer Free Shipping (zones) in our shop. Condition is 100 euro minimum order amount. So far no prob with zone shipping. Now we want to announce the customer in the HEADER that we ship free at minimum of 100 EURO / ~145 USD / ~90 GBP (values ofcourse dependent on currency value). Any clue how we can reach this CURRENCY DEPENDANT VALUE displayed in the header? Hope our question is clear and wish for your help, i don't think it is very hard to code, only you have to know how to :rolleyes: Thanks in advance!
  2. persia

    Contribution: Reciprocal Links

    Hi there, I got it all working perfectly but there is one BUT: I wish to show the categories in lines under eachother, not in a "user unfriendly" drop down list. How shall i do this? Hope somebody can help me with this request?
  3. persia

    MultiCards module

    Hi Folks, Hope somebody can assist with the Multicards module or maybe somebody has it working? There is a bug in the contribution: Currency conversion problem: our shop uses 3 different currencies which are all brought to Multicards checkout as one currency (the one which you can select at the merchant page). They offer multi currency overriding by variable 'valuta_code' but i don't know how to paste this variable in the coding... :huh: This is a mayor problem because like this the module is useless to us. Hope somebody can assist to build in the variable. Thanxxx Bart Another problem was that Gift Vouchers or Discount coupons were not taken to the shop, but i have ripped the code at line 319: $parameters['item' . $item . '_price'] = number_format($order->info['shipping_cost'] * $currencies->get_value($currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($currency)); change into: $parameters['item' . $item . '_price'] = number_format($order->info['total'] * $currencies->get_value($currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($currency)); Like this it will take the total ammount to the processor so that's resolved.
  4. persia

    [contribution] Total B2B

    Hi all, I installed the contribution on a plain install and it all works perfectly only i'm not satisfied because of missing the original prices at the product_info, checkout and invoice pages. I wish to see it everywhere as: original price - discount% - final price For buyers it's important they see their discount and/or final price imediatly at the product they wish instead of having another page open which is without being logged in to see the original prices. Please can somebody help/advise, because like it is now i can't use the (very nice) contribution :(
  5. This is what i wish for too but i don't know how to <_< Maybe some help from others?
  6. hi all, I wish to use the links manager for all my languages (4!) but as it is now i have to fill in the form in admin 4 times for each link, i'm not waiting for this... ;) maybe some of you has a solution??