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  1. So I guess that I'll have to notify every customer about this issue. Thanks.
  2. So you see our little problem? Not all of our clients do finish their purchase so ... this could be considered a little problem, isn't it ?
  3. OnlineStore

    Credit card Payment

    I see that you have trouble transferring your money. Dandy recommended you ikobo along with other payment processors. I recommend it too because the main thing of this payment processor is the fact that their clients don't need a bank account, in order to get their funds into their pockets. ikobo sends you a free visa card (called ikard) which can be used with any ATM in the world. The withdrawal fee is a fixed 1.99$. I use ikobo and 2co ...
  4. Wow, this could happen if those different sessions are treated as one. I will go and try on my website immediately. If it's true, this issue must be solved asap ...
  5. I only have a flat shipping fee and my wish is that when the customer clicks on the purchase without account button, he should be transferred directly to my ikobo's payment page. Is this possible? If yes then how? Please help me.
  6. Can my guest just skip directly to the ikobo payment page ? Because I don't think that if he didn't want to make an account, he will just complete his info on my store's non-secured page. How can this be done ? Thank you.
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    ikobo does not require for the buyer to go thru the verification process. The buyer can buy our products very easy by filling his credit card information and a a couple of textboxes in order to be registered into the ikobo list of clients. That's all.
  8. OnlineStore

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Why don't you use just he ikobo module ? Why do you need to enter the CC manually ?
  9. OnlineStore

    ikobo setup

    Here is a link to a forum where you could find your answers. I don't making any advertisment to that forum. I just found it on google. Here is the URL : http://www.osc2nuke.com/ftopict-430-ikobo....le+installation
  10. OnlineStore

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Try their LiveChat system on the main page. They could have an answer to your question.
  11. OnlineStore

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    There is a quote from iKobo's FAQ: The IPN function is to enable the merchant to integrate iKobo payments with their website's back end operations. IPN sends the merchant immediate notification and confirmation of all payments processed by iKobo. IPN automates the merchant?s fulfillment operations, tracks affiliate sales and commissions and stores transaction information in their own database. It also helps the merchant track customers through the IPN "pass through" variables.
  12. OnlineStore

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    I don't have any problem with ikobo shopping cart and I don't recall other users reporting any problem with it so I think you can start using it right this moment. :)
  13. OnlineStore

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    iKobo has also IPN and any merchant can use it. It's very easy to setup. It will notify the merchant on every transaction made on his/her website along with data collected from the buyer.
  14. OnlineStore

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Can I say thank you again ? :) THANK YOU for all your help and I can't wait to see what brings the next version of the ikobo module.