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  1. I have been trying to list items only in UK prices. As they are shown in the admin section in £ - but are shown in $ on the site. Even though I have removed from the currency section. When I click on something to try and order something it always shows total as 0 without any currency ID Can someone please help? www.sheilascards.net is my online shop. Thank you in advance to anyone who could help
  2. happydj


    Hello, Can someone please help me with my Paypal IP problem as I can't seem to fix it myself. First of all, when in the admin of the store, if i click on Paypal IPN under the customers section I get 'Error 404 - Not Found' -------------------------------------------- My other problem is when logged in, and trying to place an order, you can place items in your shopping cart - but when you click on checkout... you get the following errors: Can anyone please help me!
  3. happydj

    Paypal IPN Problem

    Hello. I have tried to install Paypal IPN - however i have been unsucsesful. When someone clickes the checkout button i get these errors: And they are unable to checkout. In the /admin section of my store under 'Customers, Paypal IPN' when i try to click on this - i get the following error: