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  1. oh, and to cache static files... if not, every image is server again and again and again, etc... a waste of bandwidth, resources, energy
  2. amazing contribution! thanks a lot for it!
  3. Is someone using this interesting watermark on the fly contribution? Maybe someone have found a way to have a cache function on it? to not overload the server... and because I like the opportunity of not touching the original image file... best regards, and sorry for the bad english :) luciano
  4. I am having this same problem! I have changed that table to primary, as you suggested... but nothing changed... the star product do not show any ID assigned (like the screen shot up there) any idea? :( pd: a friend of mine have a working star product setup... without primary key assigned... and it works like a charm...
  5. I have this problem too! Anyone has an answer to this issue? If anyone buys somethign then we can not see what is buyed! :( I am using the payment module that came with oscommerce, not from a contribution... TIA, and sorry for the bad english :) Luciano A. Ferrer