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  1. Feature Request: Would be cool if the review links could be rewritten too. -ciaron
  2. In both version 2.4.1 in the includes/header_tags.php file under the // INDEX.PHP section (approx line 75 onwards) the variables $the_title $the_key_words $the_desc are used instead of $tags_array['desc'] etc. which breaks the display of index.php (ie no title is displayed) These vars are also wrong in the Install_Category_Update file in the v2.4.0 rar file Does this need fixing? or am i missing something here. I have installed by copying in the files from the HTC rar, updating db and then letting STS do the rest. -ciaron
  3. i just know from general experience that the longer a url, and the more words in it the less importance se spiders are going to give the url and any keywords in the url. -c
  4. Just looking at the URLs this contrib produces - in my opinion the adding of the c-xx and p-xx even tho it reduces resource cost reduces the seo value of the contrib as this useless data is just flak to a search engine spider and it might prevent it from spidering the url. -ciaron
  5. Was just wondering if people could post their top 5 (or however many) contributions that they couldn't do without and would consider essential for a clean osC install. oh yeah, and why? :) -ciaron
  6. After a look through the contrib list i can see a lot that are related to making osC as search engine friendly as possible. Is there a paritcular contrib or combination of that is better than the others at making a clean osC install as SE friendly as possible? -ciaron