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  1. Hi @gadlol,

    Do you know which header tag is compatible with it on this? I originally have Ultimate SEO URL 5 with Header Tags SEO V 3.0 install on my site, and I uninstall the Ultimate SEO URL 5 and install upgrade to the SEO Friendly url pro. Now the index page header tag works fine, but the product info page doesn't really work. The header tag will load If the SEO Friendly url is off. So, is there any other Header Tag addon I should use for with SEO Friendly URL Pro?

    thank you


  2. Hi there,

    I am trying to setup my shopping cart with table rate and limited by product weight and postcode, and here is so far I can think about.


    1. I setup the Table Rate charge by price,


    so all orders over 49.01 will be free shipping.

    2. Because I only want to offer free shipping to a small and medium size package, not the large item. I add the following code to /includes/class/shipping/ table.php




    return $this->quotes;



      if (($cart->show_weight() < 50 )) {
               return $this->quotes;

    This will limit the shopping cart total weight while they check out.

    So, how do I change this to each item's weight instant of total cart weight?

    If customer order 2 x 21 lbs item will give total weight 52 lbs, the free shipping can't apply to order.

    So how can I change shopping cart total weight to heaviest items on the shopping cart's weight?



    3. I also trying to limit the service only available in city area, so I will need to adding the restriction on postcode,


     if (($cart->show_weight() < 50 ) && $order->delivery['postcode'] != 'v6y 3j8')  {
               return $this->quotes;



    so how can I setup multiple valuable for delivery postcode and only check if first 3 characters match?


    thank you



  3. HI, I have wishlist 2 installed, I add 1 extra field in my customer_wishlist table call categories_id, I want my customer be able to sort the wishlist by categories.


    I change the insert query from

    tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_WISHLIST . " (customers_id, products_id) values ('" . $customer_id . "', '" . $wishlist_id . "')");


    tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_WISHLIST . " (customers_id, products_id, categories_id) values ('" . $customer_id . "', '" . $wishlist_id . "', '" . $top_category_id . "')");




    since I only want to insert the top category to wishlist table, I add the following code under product_info.php page to show the category_id

    $cPath = implode('_', $cPath_array);
    $top_category_id = strtok($cPath, '_');
    echo $top_category_id;

    before the




    It does shows the top category id correctly under the products_info.php, but the sql query doesn't insert the $top_category_id to the table.


    Can somebody tell me how fix this problem?


    Thank you



  4. Hi, I have this add on install on my site, and I trying to rewrite my whole site with bootstrap 3.0.


    While I working on the product_filters.php page, I find out that the CLOSE X on the breadcrmb has the same class close with bootstrap. I trying to find the file under the breadcrmb.php, but don't really see it.


    Can some one tell me where to find the close class, and change to other clase? it is always floating to right on my page.


    thank you.


  5. Hello, can you explain more on the installation steps?


    after i made changes to header.php and template_top.php in my /includes folder.


    i also transferred all the new files into my /shop/catalog


    I do not see any modules that can be installed in my admin page? on my website, it's just a bar with the home icon, how do i install this correct and create my own drop down menu?




    This is Superfish DropDown Menu on TOP
    This is the modified stylesheet from Superfish v1.4.8 – jQuery menu plugin by Joel Birch
    All Template is only 39USD!!!!
    1) open includes/template_top.php
    add the following:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/js/superfish.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="css/superfish.css" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/js/js.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $('.custom_select form').jqTransform();
    pathClass: 'current',
    delay:	 1000,
    animation: {opacity:'show',height:'show'},
    speed:	 'slow',
    autoArrows: true,
    dropShadows: true
    2) open includes/header.php
    add the following where you want to this menu display:
    <div class="cat_navbar">
    <div class="navbar_bg"><a class="home" href="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT); ?>"><strong></strong></a>
    <?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'superfish.php'); ?>


    This is superfish dropdown, you don't really need admin control.

  6. Hi, I am using the product tab with my osc 2.2 currently. After I upgrade my server to php 5.4, the product tab on admin side will have problem loading the description with " ' " mark.


    If I have ' in my description, the page will shows blank, without ' it will be fine.


    Has anyone know how to fix this issues with php 5.4?


    Thank you


  7. Hi, I got a question relate to the duplications on subscriber issues.


    So, if a customer sign up newsletter before they create an account, it will insert as a new record in the database. So, if they create an account and click on the newsletter subscription under the account section again, it will insert as a second record.


    However, when customer unsubscribe your newsletter from subscribing link, it only deleted one record from the database. I need to login to customer account to uncheck the box again. So, how do you guys deal with this kind of issues.


    Thank you



  8. That makes sense, thank you for your reply.


    So here is my ideal of process not sure if that help or not.


    If customer email doesn't in the database, account create will be processed as what the current add-on does.


    If customer email already in database, login panel will display an error message and let them know they need to login and link under the account section FB or G account link can be done under the account section (something like Facebook link to Twitter).



  9. Hi, I try the add-on and it works with the google and Facebook login.


    However, if the customer already has an account on the site, the google or Facebook login will not work.


    The other problem is when they first time logging with Google or Facebook, the system doesn't ask them to create a password even they update their profile.


    So is that what is supposed to be?

  10. Hi, Jim

    I got another question, I trying to apply manufactures to the filter function, so most of time it works fine, but when the manufactures name come something like * & +, the fuction will not be working properliy. on the filter side works, the manufactures name shows number of products under them. But when I click on the filter the result will not shows at all. so how to fix this problem?

    thank you


  11. Hi, I install the addon and works perfect, but I want to know how to configurate the product_info page layout. I see some people can group the value and shows in the product_info.php

    here is sample



    it looks like it can be display mutiple value under one spec header.


    But when I trying active my spec it looks like this




    I read though the user manual and I don't really see any example on how to setup and group the spec group in product_info page.


    thank you



  12. Yes, Jim, I understand that. I want to know if there is way to insert it. Because when people click on the filter, it will direct them to the products_filter.php page, not on the index.php page anymore. So I want to add the category title on the products_filter.php page, and it may looks consistent on the site.

    Thank you


  13. Hi, I getting problem when I trying to install the sort order fuction combin with specifictions filter. When my categories doesn't has any specifctions filter, it works fine. When the categories have specifcations filter, it will it will take the last value from the filter.


    like this



    the zutano is the last value from my specifcation value.


    Has anyone notice that yet?


    My other question is, has anyone knows how to may this addon work with SEO URL?

    thank you


  14. Hi, I installed version 2.0.7 on my 2.2cr, but recently got pci - compliance issues.


    The vulnerability they found is "Potential SQL Query Found". here are the url and error message





    1054 - Unknown column 'languages_id' in 'where clause'


    SELECT information_title as iName FROM information WHERE information_id='0' AND languages_id='1' LIMIT 1





    1054 - Unknown column 'languages_id' in 'where clause'


    SELECT information_title as iName FROM information WHERE information_id='0' AND languages_id='1' LIMIT 1





    1054 - Unknown column 'languages_id' in 'where clause'


    SELECT information_title as iName FROM information WHERE information_id='0' AND languages_id='1' LIMIT 1


    How to fix this problem to meeting the pci compliance again?


    thank you


  15. if you want to remove the notification function, you can change the



    $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS . "\n" .
    			  EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" .
    			  $products_ordered .
    			  EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n";
     $email_order_registry .= EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS . "\n" .
    					  EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" .
    					   $products_ordered .
    					   EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n\n";



    $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS . "\n" .
    			  EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" .
    			  $products_ordered .
    			  EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n";
    // $email_order_registry .= EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS . "\n" .
    			   //	    EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n" .
    			 //		  $products_ordered .
    			   //	    EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n\n";

    under checkout_process.php