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    Greeting Card contribution

    can't wait to see what your new contribution can do. I will be the first one to test it :lol:
  2. ken0306

    Multiple Sales Taxes Canada

    There will be 3 step to setup your tax in Locations / Taxes page Step A setup your Tax Zones 1. create your PST Zone only insert the province your store local in. 2. create your GST Zone all provinces need have to in there. Step B setup your Tax Classes Step C Setup your Tax Rates 1. GST/PST Class PST Province Zone = 7.5% 2. GST/PST Class GST Canada Zone = 5% This setup will works. When customer who is live in the province order goods from your site, the tax will be 5% + 7.5% When order coming from out of the province, the tax will be 5% when order coming from state, which is not in neither zone, the tax will be 0%. you can trying to see my current project on the tax setup. the url is www.tjskids.net. ken
  3. ken0306

    Multi Pickup (MS1)

    I did, it woks
  4. ken0306

    Canada Post - Shipping delay option?

    in the setup page, change the "Enter Turn Around Time" by hrs. ken
  5. ken0306

    Store Pickup ?

    which version you install on your shop? I have try all difference version in the contribution download page, only one works correctly. that is the Multi Pickup (MS1) http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1097 I install it on my MS2 shop and works fine. other version's script looks like base on cash on delivery, they all got difference kind of problem. ken
  6. ken0306

    Subcategory shown by list on top of

    try the categories tab contribution.
  7. ken0306

    Manual Order Maker

    there is a contribution allow you to install insert new customer. but you need to create the customer first, and manual insert order. ken
  8. has anyone work on the registry system base on one registry per account ? because I found out that most customer only need one registry, and also the "Click here" to Switch on function make a the system a little bit confused. Does anyone has any idea how to turn that turn on button off? ken
  9. ken0306

    Registry Shipping Address

    I think the registry system already has the function.
  10. I tried to setup the account in your site, it looks like you can't leave the registry mode. So, I believe you need to place the code under template folder header.php
  11. ken0306

    What contribution is

    this is not a contribution, they just change the product_info.php file.
  12. Hi, I am install the SEO URL V2.1 in my site already, it works well, however, my store got over 5000 items, it getting a loading speed problem when reach 3000 items. so I trying to install the advanced Cache for my site, and I trying to cached all product page, and speed up the loading speed. But I read though the installation file, it didn't really give me any answer for that. Can someone tell me what to do in order to cache the sql? thank you ken
  13. ken0306

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    recheck your .htaccess file that may be the problem cost your pages don't load
  14. Hi, one of my customer has the website base on the osc, I install the B2B contribution and few difference things for create orders on the website. The website is for the distributions company, they have 3 master agents for 3 difference regions. Currently all small dealer login as customer in the osc front end. Only administrator can login to backend editing order and create orders. As this point, the master dealer can't monitor their online sales. So I looking for a contributions that allow the master dealer to monitor their own regional sales. Does OSCommerce has any contributions can do this function???? sorry for my English...... Thank you ken
  15. ken0306

    Master Dealer account for wholesales

    After I read though the order table and the customer table, I plan to add one extra master_id field in customer table and the order table. So, each customer assign a master id, and each order will also come with the customer id and master id. Can someone tell me which php file that holding the sql script for display orders information? thank you. ken
  16. ken0306

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hi, people, have you guys trying to using Firefox 3.0 with window vista on this contribution? it doesn't load the flash file from my screen with firefox Have you guys find out this problem yet? ken
  17. ken0306

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    HI, can someone tell me how to install the cache for the SEO-G? the program works very good, but the page loading is kind of slow....
  18. ken0306

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    David you should turn off your SEO-G Configuration >> SEO-G Process Secure Pages. and try again. ken
  19. ken0306

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    I check on your demo site, it looks fine to me. as long as the product page can turn into .html, it works.
  20. ken0306

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    I got the same problem before. first, you trying to turn your cache off from your admin area, second, recheck your .htaccess file. make sure that it match with the server setup. ken
  21. ken0306

    PayPal Payflow Pro [New Version]

    Hi, I install the module on my current site, when I trying enter a wrong CC #, it doesn't really show me any message, it just go back to the CC enter page. So, what can be the problem? thank you ken
  22. I am looking for the greeting card modules, does anyone knows where I can find it? thank you ken
  23. is any way that we can setup the Max compare products? any suggestion? ken
  24. trying to remove the options type from your compare.php, it may work.
  25. Hi, anyone can tell me where to find the manual installation instruction for the 5.18? I trying to follow the one for 5.16 which is not working for CR2 version. thank you for your help. ken