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  1. Wordpress OSCommerce Integration

    Hi Jay, what kind of information do you want these two applications to share? I installed the addon before, but don't really see it useful. ken
  2. Clearance Price addon

    This can be a temporary solution. But when we decide to extend so deals, this will not really work. Also if I removed the items during the promotions period, there will be additional data inserted into the special table. thank you ken
  3. Clearance Price addon

    I am currently using the advanced specials to apply for my promotions too. However, my shop currently has over 10,000 items, and there are over 1000 items on clearance. During the holidays season, we often have a storewide sale, that is what the problem coming from after the sale. All price are going back to regular price and we need to spend a lot of time to find the correct price on the clearance items again. So, I wonder if there is any clearance price addon I can use the base for this kind of scenario. thank you ken
  4. Clearance Price addon

    Hi there, I am looking for an addon allow me to apply clearance price on the items. Here is the problem I have, for example Product A selling price at 9.99, and clearance price at 5.55. Now we will have another promotion will running for 7 days at 50% off, during the promotion period, product A will selling at 4.99. after the promotion over, product A will coming back to clearance price 5.55. The current special offer addon only allows me to add one special price on one product, after the promotion period, the price will be going back to regular price 9.99. So is there any addon allow me to add a clearance price on products? thank you ken
  5. Hi there, I am trying to setup my shopping cart with table rate and limited by product weight and postcode, and here is so far I can think about. 1. I setup the Table Rate charge by price, 29:8.99,49:6.99,49.01:0.00 so all orders over 49.01 will be free shipping. 2. Because I only want to offer free shipping to a small and medium size package, not the large item. I add the following code to /includes/class/shipping/ table.php change return $this->quotes; to if (($cart->show_weight() < 50 )) { return $this->quotes; } This will limit the shopping cart total weight while they check out. So, how do I change this to each item's weight instant of total cart weight? If customer order 2 x 21 lbs item will give total weight 52 lbs, the free shipping can't apply to order. So how can I change shopping cart total weight to heaviest items on the shopping cart's weight? 3. I also trying to limit the service only available in city area, so I will need to adding the restriction on postcode, if (($cart->show_weight() < 50 ) && $order->delivery['postcode'] != 'v6y 3j8') { return $this->quotes; } so how can I setup multiple valuable for delivery postcode and only check if first 3 characters match? thank you ken
  6. Email don't have any contents

    I upload the original oscommerce contactus.php and comes out the same, blank on content. I installed the smtp add-on on it, could that be the problem?
  7. Hi there, My contactus.php sent email, the email does land in my mail box. However, I only can see the email name, title, but the content body always blank. I look at the email source that I test, it looks like the following. Return-Path: <ken@domain.com> Received: from mout.perfora.net ([xx.xx.xxx.xx]) by mx.perfora.net (mxeueus003 []) with ESMTPS (Nemesis) id 0Le3XG-1e3P8D2HdM-00pslW for <info@guzzieandguss.com>; Thu, 06 Jul 2017 20:40:21 +0200 Received: from www.domain.ca ([]) by mrelay.perfora.net (mreueus001 []) with ESMTPA (Nemesis) id 0MHqjD-1dQAUi1SuL-003m6t for <info@domain.com>; Thu, 06 Jul 2017 20:40:21 +0200 Message-ID: <1499366421.595e8415231a2@www.domain.ca> Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 11:40:21 -0700 Subject: Enquiry from guzzie+Guss Inc. From: ken <kenw@domain.com> To: "company Inc." <info@domain.com> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=uft-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable X-Provags-ID: V03:K0:z/JE4DeGpfy3+YlwfHFoR/7aY2VYTAH2udxgHQYvtmSke8+4zKp rnxmq3QVVQLOmoCOvdBWxgdKatiY9iKsVM02JRX0NGmnobfdY3t0X52kh8bhHVRuhGj0kPe w06bAhtYpmpHMiC2OeSuiVuS/+HZJ4C0sE2YAcYwPbinH6O3r5Y/WiHs8/VROMBTF5MHe70 jxZparPqNH2AgOgepKE3g== X-UI-Out-Filterresults: notjunk:1;V01:K0:8sSuT3eCnuw=:z+68K215HWi4aJuL9mmdY7 xEBTFZjdbM47R1b5vXRAhFdplf/850s1BsYFRXU5iZ8AxLRru9yFNSisDmFmvRTsKt8VcARL4 UsIy+71klAtMYQLW6AbW1EnEDlrLBrhOnIVcPiOkat9hk3P6tkpS+2qwRLbKMnhh1OPv363QJ t+bmJDE8uVDUfRWEcdgXWMNaSmyJdfTqNdwN6lEyo/lghSnJftHlZGDiTiOA3NR7Z9FNay/f1 9OMPh5/X5PNplox3BIpZGOAQbqt4UtO38xM49X5mSLqpzgcdS9vTkeA8X0At5JtG7RoaIhgzV YVWKWSBC+jyWrRS0sRQ3OyVvhy5MWGnmXfQEFiO8QpAHOkOL6/R7d5RsWGBHimNrLsNt/P6Pq TIlqahXSu6+ZNiRLByKlafd3G55l/yHfN2mpUbAKTPAw9vhcLI25m3FSmIV7REnAAt+OQpFLq s2Jk2MesKuYOkj0BKnL3jjgD1QfOksP4I0M/mIBvv4P8cwMCUywOYGLa8OPa9bylQr9VsVgEP 5ooLTUyjueJvlsifS2GcvVjmRnAz1wF577UwOfhzikrGmZ7C12x5i81CtwEJQrX+LBctGC0k6 rJq2ut6kN5Xd3Iojktcc8MlSdyYtWHEydhxDRpcgEzDdUf+7c3qH3SPDra6MtUJmRUL/iSLQZ IpZPPS8Xcc9GIk3iYFIkFCsz/zAN5C5NnQRpdTUYPDIvjtnfyAHUwErNnFHH4k8rTqO8rIOJW fXf3/WmXOiklKQ9nr53OrugJPYSxpnBswkMyrpwptxasay9TB22wimV0xOR5mzzlFn6/GnTO0 FS/Zn2D Envelope-To: <info@domain.com> X-UI-Filterresults: notjunk:1;V01:K0:gnVSfiDI0c4=:liKRPol8D8rpVygV6s4E0Fktfq KtpCVxrVQxxQpnW9Ixn28NV2zAxbpYaWNJ4gX14z1gimN+L/a6KatJXhxe/e0Nhr/5xGLBM8T 3ME+DPAUWf34C5nqN86gMl0fU5tKO4xQwNTC3JrFsscPY20eKeZBrHtmw/+YaVFuTquMCuoEn 87MMUa13w0BcYJo6Rk+DIgls84YdIlazqZ3go7t0IoWGy1Pb0TyBcowkh7dP6Bk19bk6mbP1u KJSI4ZJpIbc9h5d2gzc2IEXXVuJwFnO47sTVfdcq++jZ51Xgw55ikMM3Wo/VBk0XO+WP7cCgK Wkx5pNLGt1VAddZGFErb3uqV2AcRi4r5/MqbDa1lmvFqCwTVGlv6b1lBubmHXTuCIr2FgeN6I njdBk6SspZ4L4ZSqfBV/5Iz85iDbYfe3bvdCIXzDdpIVgq4euxdyTY2GIDrkQ5T7OujMtDpe/ Ac+c5WODab89H0+r0hOWCpppG/EMJ5hcXe4ARvof0FeNBe67A7V7F0niE2N4alxw2deVN6fkL PuKZG1Cxy3l5BkFdtGJv8k4RrDd3VB12/3DzCPb5+ev2EjPcX3zVyR8h0lirfb2i/r6wNW3BE 9LG6oIhjF9kGYED1Ga6V/4sbcmivN3CLmKlV27r/mCQu1v1FTJ6MLqMcCHpA/ksn4kHQs7Z2j O3ThHymdj+50we9BGlXCiOTyA+3xhwUvwR+6GmT9Fum+NI7a8GEjXBoZDKLZbjJPJfzT6Oqet PjisjX5hmVczdukqJE0FMS50LQkSc4aZIlOswpKTJW0352PwjNmc5OgotMlyqp2Q/U0N5hfhM kzKcKrYnDq09lhBaqJ5+AP0KKiHU97TVWg+ZZeGbXEVW8CcYtpObsnIVqIEMpsllWUvBGR5dn e7467Vnab/C+4A9hY8z38NqqC1BQ8avjx4iPcf2q9MyUi7LQaXhGUW/PKIc/FMKXDc0X2eJax hxGZ71PbiH1HZmS3IBbJ8MypenBZryQXSrhPVxVCID20EASMytGETJSAvd+B7//sYG45eTvHd SE+mlY279xUWHZh34SuPFn5+w054kZyQWxQUpy+g7FZHcWwuz0p6wIdK2JfHxWZqq54Z09l77 pMBWz6vPZ8bhe0p5wufvDIjg8Onw0dABZM8qdUysJC7CulXwa+MT7nHIwQCwjFvuGOt7ACajs ZBUz/sJzViFi3Ry85klWTZtjs67Fz+4zEsvqsRdUX5Lldq5inFJ3VNm7wtmMIL8dm3ic1gsFa cheF8lmRkOM/lmVMrT2MT7R2JZkDkYjFbAzdy8sVspGFFdhOJQJSgFHbFdZJFEvLimBEOI/3V CdB7gliMYE4+k/sSz3uz7KrOIP7PMqtMtA70Eh4RcdzGRxykYKLS3e3c5OOt8RLHoRQq7i3qc mul7i1LOMkWo65z7bZpnPzHL4eMr4c0UZ4jUTiP1fg9tJj+XUoyZV/9cO/4NZB8siojVdSE9a fOnC1dMsOHOW+AEZi1h4gW01LotBich5e4mrfDHCaPCowuEbFxZ0Jkox0x405Xa4c2xg+mewF jkop/ykdo+IvOTNkbhcuDdt52dczF9G9SKAYXRIzbP5xBwU7fifXGplKEU5171fHo4J1zsVl0 H/PBkFsTqub1hfSnJlI3Gifq86mTPe8yoURqRSsT+GixOAML5/Tw/CDPUuYC2ebAIjGNq4m6K fqr23MdOgtspFp0DeSrELI+ I tested all the confirmation on email option, but no luck. Doesn't anyone know which file I need to fix? Thank you in advanced. ken
  8. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi FWR Media, I saw your post about the Chinese charterer on url around page 138, do you have solution for that problem on the seo urls 5 pro version? thank you ken
  9. Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    HI, I have wishlist 2 installed, I add 1 extra field in my customer_wishlist table call categories_id, I want my customer be able to sort the wishlist by categories. I change the insert query from tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_WISHLIST . " (customers_id, products_id) values ('" . $customer_id . "', '" . $wishlist_id . "')"); to tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_WISHLIST . " (customers_id, products_id, categories_id) values ('" . $customer_id . "', '" . $wishlist_id . "', '" . $top_category_id . "')"); include/classes/wishlist.php since I only want to insert the top category to wishlist table, I add the following code under product_info.php page to show the category_id $cPath = implode('_', $cPath_array); $top_category_id = strtok($cPath, '_'); echo $top_category_id; before the </form> It does shows the top category id correctly under the products_info.php, but the sql query doesn't insert the $top_category_id to the table. Can somebody tell me how fix this problem? Thank you ken
  10. Hi, do you have installation instruction for 2.2 version/
  11. Hi, I have this add on install on my site, and I trying to rewrite my whole site with bootstrap 3.0. While I working on the product_filters.php page, I find out that the CLOSE X on the breadcrmb has the same class close with bootstrap. I trying to find the file under the breadcrmb.php, but don't really see it. Can some one tell me where to find the close class, and change to other clase? it is always floating to right on my page. thank you. ken
  12. This is superfish dropdown, you don't really need admin control.
  13. Contribution: Products tabs

    Hi, I am using the product tab with my osc 2.2 currently. After I upgrade my server to php 5.4, the product tab on admin side will have problem loading the description with " ' " mark. If I have ' in my description, the page will shows blank, without ' it will be fine. Has anyone know how to fix this issues with php 5.4? Thank you Ken