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  1. Installed the newest Moneybooker contrib. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...rch,moneybooker but get the "invalid amount" on every order...over and under 1000. in the moneybooker window that opends... uses b2b modules with oscommerce.... I really need some help her people....please! Best regards from cold Norway! P. K
  2. Hi I've searched the forum up and down, but cant find anything that do just what I need..... Using zipcodes ranging from 0000-9999, making it many different zones, with different prices. Here is what I want it to calculate; Vendor 1 -> zipcode xxxx = Zone -> weight = Price Vendor 2 -> zipcode xxxx = Zone -> weight = Price Vendor 3 -> zipcode xxxx = Zone -> weight = Price (vendor 3 using a completly different set of Zones than 1 & 2) Vendor 4 -> Weight = Price Vendor 5 -> Weight = Price Can this be done? Is there any modules that come close, that can be worked on further? Best regards PK - Norway