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  1. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS (not tested with other versions but, should be compatible) What this mod does is basially add barcode functionality to OSCommerce. It generates barcodes on invoices and packing slips for users who use barcode systems. It generates a barcode based upon the ID of the order. This is pointless to install if you don't own a barcode reader. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1218
  2. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS (not tested with other versions but, should be compatible) Allows the admin/customer delete an order that hasnt reached a set status. The order then gets placed in the customers basket for them to change and resubmit. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1161
  3. Waza04

    Age Verifacation

    Hiya, Just uploaded my version of the AVS script. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1003 It allows you to set a minimum age in Admin, and a customer creating account has to be over that minimum age in order for them to create an account successfully. Warren
  4. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS (not tested with other versions but, should be compatible) This mod enables the administrator to send a customer a new password. It works like forgotten password in the customer catalog - but this is just to save explaining to the customer how to get a new password! Time to install : 5mins http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1162
  5. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS The object of this contribution is to be able to quickly and easily add a thank-you or promotional message to the top of your order confirmation email. Once installed you can change the message through the admin under "Extra Order Text". http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1143
  6. Hiya All!! I have seen a few OSCommerce sites now that use a special kinf of Contact Us!! The contact us form has a drop down box for the department, eg, Sales and Support... Is there a contribution to do this or is it manual... :? If there is no contribution - How hard would it be to implement this? Thanks, Warren
  7. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS (not tested with other versions but, should be compatible) This is a very simple mod that if for infomational purposes only! It displays CVV2 Info, what it is and where it is on a card! If customer has flash - it will show flash... If customer does not have flash - it will show a gif... Currently - Images and flash are only for Visa/Mastercard... However, I am working on the flash for Amex... (Ready Tommorow) http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1221
  8. Waza04

    Column Control

    Hiya All, Can anybody tell me if there are any mods out there that will let me controll my catalog colums from the admin. So that when I want to add someting or move something, I dont need to edit any files. Thanks, Warren Aschroft
  9. Hiya All!! I have been using a mod now on my store for some time... and wondered if anybody else would want the mod as a contribution to use... What is basically does is draw a barcode on the customer/admin invoices packing slips from the order number - this can be used with all scanners to read the order number without having to search for it. For example you can click in the order id box in admin/orders scan the barcode from a preprinted invoice and MAGIC - up comes the order without any fuss! It as configurable options in admin such as height, width, and output type aswell as the option to show human readable text underneath... The barcode can be placed anywhere you wish, and can geneate for any given string. Here is a screen shot: Let me know what you think - if people are interested - I will upload to the contributions section... Warren
  10. NOTE: All of you guys that have this mod installed might like to know the following: If you are logged in as a cutomer, and then you go to the admin. when you log into the admin, it wont work!! Allways make sure you log off the customer, before going into admin. Warren
  11. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS (not tested with other versions but, should be compatible) What this does is removes three boxes from the right column. Notifications, Manufacturer, Reviews & Tell A Friend Its just easier for the customer and to reduce clutter. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1183
  12. Written for osCommerce v2.2MS1/CVS (not tested with other versions but, should be compatible) This is an update to Linda McGraths login box mod!! - This has to be already installed!! This version has many more features! Such as: Elari's Customer Status Built-In Linda's Download Controller Built-in Recent Orders Built-in Status Icons Built-in http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1144
  13. Waza04

    Mass printing of new orders?

    Me Too... Warren
  14. The only reason why I didnt contact you is that I knew you were moving home and I thought that you may be busy... Anyway - Thanks to the 17 testers, you know who you are... If anybody else would like to test my version, let me know ASAP as I am going to relase pretty soon :) Warren
  15. Excuse me, I dont mean to be rude - Your version was very buggy, So I have spent neraly 24 Hours making it stable... ...and your saying that it was a waste of time!!! Well - Im people dont appreciate what i have to offer - Then I will only offer to people who DO appreciate work done!!! And NO the intention was not to put my PayPal info in there, it includes BOTH of our details shud anyone which to contact us or make a donation!!! Ican't believe after all that work - you come out with that!!!
  16. Ive just designed a new version of this mod based on Roberts code... However, Im looking for testers to test it.... New Features... *Better Javascript Validation Script When Editing and Creating Accounts *Cleaner Visual Layout *Still Uses Database, But Solves Problems People Were Having With First Time Recognition *Option To Disable LookALike Letters Like D & O In Admin *All Langauge In Language Files *Extra Image Sets For Different Letter Styles (Not Distorted To Prevent Auto Charcter Recognition) *Fixed Error Reporting Using PHP Sessions (You Need Register Globals :() *MORE - But Cant Remember... Please let me know ASAP testers!!! Also - A large thank to Robert for creating the backbone of this :) Warren
  17. Looks like you naffed up your english.php, Please can you PM it to me? Warren
  18. Waza04

    Products page

    These are used for the quickbooks contribution :) Warren
  19. Hmmm, I thoguht that at first.... Druide why dont you make the code much simpilar? By removing the need of having a DB table etc.... Alss that basically is needed is to check if the entry matched the images displayed... Warren
  20. OK, Version 2 Is OUT NOW!!! http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1183 ************************************** Product Options Module V2.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Fixes a few bugs regarding the tell a friend. - Fixes a few bugs regarding the manufacturer. (MAJOR - UPGRADE VERSION AVAILABLE) **************************************
  21. OK, Version 3 Is OUT NOW!!! http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1161 ************************************** Restore Order For Customer Change V3.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Fixes a few bugs regarding the shopping cart. - Adds better button display in account history info. Now only shows the button when it is appropriate. - Better Graphics. - Better Options. - Seperation Of Cancel and Restore. - Better E-Mails. - Better Explanations. - Seperation of Admin and Customer Operations. - Less Bugs. (MAJOR - NO UPGRADE VERSION AVAILABLE - PLEASE UNINSTALL EXISITNG VERSION FIRST) **************************************
  22. LOL - Robert, Te reason why I did it is to keep the tables simple - A big jump from 15 to 300 seemed daft... Anyway, that just my personal preferance... Warren
  23. OK - I have a problem.... Whenever I press the ligts in admin for public etc... They dont change or work :S Warren
  24. Glad I could Help :lol: :lol: Warren
  25. Why does this work? Notice the 19's in each statement? Check the old SQL (which uses 300's) and you will find that one of the statement has a 300 missing!!