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    Parse error with easy poulate

    yes.... you most likely have a missing quote ' on or above line 231. Matti
  2. Johnson

    Flat Rate and Table Rate

    You will find the language files in /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ Matti
  3. Johnson

    Sale Price

    You could change the text in the language files to 'On Sale!' rather than 'Specials' :P Matti
  4. Johnson

    Account Balance Feature

    You should have a 'customers_account_balance' row in your 'customers' table. You can add this using phpmyadmin, but please consult the contribution documentation first - the instructions would be there I'd expect :P Matti
  5. Johnson

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Which IPN module? - there are several, including a new one released by the osCommerce Team. You should post questions to the relevant *support* thread. Matti
  6. Johnson

    Slovak Language Pack wont unzip

    I have posted it as a zip file here Matti
  7. Johnson

    Slovak Language Pack wont unzip

    I have successfully unpacked both packages - its a multi stage process, eg. slovak.tar.gz will unpack as slovak.rar - this will then unpack as slovak.zip which will unpack as the folders/files :D Matti
  8. Johnson

    Slovak Language Pack wont unzip

    I just downloaded from the first post to that contribution - the latest post should be ignored (marked for removal). I downloaded from the American link and it opened just fine using Tugzip Matti
  9. Johnson

    Bank Transfer Payment

    Take your pick - Bank Transfer Contributions Matti :D
  10. Johnson

    PHP Code Problems ... PLEASE

    Bobby is quite correct in stating you will have issues with the file (users browsing different categories at the same time) - I simply tried to address *why* it did not at times display :P To correct the problem Bobby points out, I would prepend the session_id to the filename: $tmp_html_file = fopen (DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC . $osCsid . FILENAME_TEMP_PHP_OUTPUT, "w"); and: include(DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC . $osCsid . FILENAME_TEMP_PHP_OUTPUT); ?> Matti
  11. Johnson

    Error in Shipping Module

    include_once.php was a file in the TEP 2.1 version (this is *very* old) - I would imagine you are using a host installed version? Best bet is to download the latest version and install that on your server. Matti
  12. Johnson

    Alter database

    Simply change 'manufacturer' in the language files, eg. define('TABLE_HEADING_MANUFACTURER', 'Geographic Location'); It is not necessary to change the code itself - just the text that is output to the web page :P Matti
  13. Johnson

    PHP Code Problems ... PLEASE

    I would check the actual categories_description - there may well be HTML errors that are causing them not to display (eg. missing tag) Matti
  14. Johnson

    automatically add 4 to cart

    There is a Contribution for this - can't recall its name at the moment :blush: Try searching 'items' and similar key words in the contributions section Matti
  15. Johnson

    Echo Payment Module Error

    Remove what I have highlighted: Matti
  16. Johnson

    Does this contribution exists?

    Read through the installation docs again for the contribution - the 'confirm' function needs to be added, probably to /includes/functions/general.php Matti
  17. Johnson

    Does this contribution exists?

    Try this contribution - there are several others if you search for 'agree' in the Contributions section. Matti
  18. Johnson

    control login

    Re-read the install docs for the contribution - you have omitted adding the 'tep_set_customers_status' function - it probably goes in admin/includes/functions/general.php Matti
  19. There are a few options in admin>>configuration>>customer details. You can comment others you do not want in create_account.php Search the forums for adding extra fields - its basically a matter of copying an existing field and associated code, renaming variables and adding the required database column. You must get your hands dirty in the code - there is no admin option for adding fields (you can rename those you do not wish to use as they are - do this in the language files) Matti
  20. Johnson


    You have not included the database defines for the contribution in database_tables.php - please read the contribution documentation. Also make sure that the contribution is compatible with your version of osCommerce :D Matti Matti
  21. Johnson


    Try adding the following directly after <?php require('includes/application_top.php'); Matti
  22. Johnson

    How to use "kg" instead of "lb?

    You will find the text for this in catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/zones.php :D Matti
  23. Johnson

    Are these contributions available?

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...rch,option+type :D Matti
  24. The first package should be added to the exisisting downloads, as you say. The second should be released as a new package for the reasons outlined above by Jack :D Matti