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  1. Johnson

    Temporary promotions

    There is a contribution known as "Featured Products" Matti
  2. Johnson

    Master Products - MS2

    There are links in the thread on the contributions announcements channel. I left the define out as its not used :D Matti
  3. Johnson

    Master Products - MS2

    Perseverance is a good thing.... I would suggest, that since you are using MS1, to compare any differences between clean copies first - use something like Beyond Compare - then you will know differences between MS1/MS2 to be aware of - then use the same tool to compare and copy changes over to your files... I really cannot advocate copy and pasting from an installation file :huh: Matti
  4. Johnson

    Master Products - MS2

    This won't work with what is coming in the next release - the attributes system as it is is generally regarded as clunky, and there have been several contibutions to bring attributes *to* the products edit page as it is. I don't see the necessity for turning a two stage process into three (four with the adoption of the existing attributes system) I do have a planned development path with this - I released version 1 because, even though still in development, it was already useful to many people There are not/won't be any limits on slaves-> master. I have made my views on "install files" known elsewhere on these forums - this contribution is for MS2, and will go forward from there. Matti
  5. Johnson

    Master Products - MS2

    If you create a new product, or edit an existing one, a Master Products drop menu will show - you may select the Master from this menu. Matti
  6. He he - look at your browser address bar when you redeem a voucher :D eg. https://www.my_server.com/checkout_payment.php?error_message=Congratulations%2C+you+have+redeemed+%2420.00 Matti
  7. I can redeem ok - one little thing - in the browser address bar it shows as "error_message" such and such.... :P Matti
  8. Johnson

    Master Products - MS2

    Off the top of my head - this can be done by introducing another field into the Master Products edit page in admin, and an extra column in the database->products. It can then be called through classes/currencies.php I will add this functionality to the next release. HTH Matti
  9. Makin progress - great stuff fellas! Ok - so far, in admin->orders the payment method does not show when vouchers are used. in admin->orders->edit Payment method does not show beside the heading - it does show below the order total - not sure if it should, but there it is. Still testing. Matti
  10. I just tested and it showed gift vouchers with all payment types - gift voucher/credit card, gift voucher/cheque money order even though the orders were not made using a gift voucher :(
  11. Johnson

    Multivender sql syntax error

    There is and extra 'select' in the query. Matti
  12. Ok - I've been testing this somewhat today. If I send myself a gift voucher through admin I am able to redeem that voucher and make purchases with it. This seem fine, however, if 'queue vouchers' is set to 'true' in admin, the amount does not update - therefore I am able to continue to make purchases with it endlessly....scary, particularly when payment method does not show in admin - the order is set to 'processing' during checkout_process, which one would assume means that payment has be received (awaiting payment is the pending notice). So, I must set queue to 'false', then the amount updates, however, as the docs point out, a voucher may be purchased by a method that requires processing in itself, rather than it being immediately available for use.... :blink: Oops, my checkbox in checkout payment just disappeared.... dang! Who said something about three hours...? :unsure: Matti
  13. Could you post this? - should be added to the contrib. Does anyone have the voucher balance updating? It does not update on orders or if a voucher is emailed to a friend... :( There is no payment method showing in admin orders if a voucher is used... Matti
  14. This is the standard code from a fresh catalog/includes/header.php: <td valign="middle"><?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'oscommerce.gif', 'osCommerce') . '</a>'; ?></td> FILENAME_DEFAULT is the link (index.php - this is from catalog/includes/filenames.php), then the image 'oscommerce.gif' - the alt tag is 'osCommerce'. HTH Matti
  15. Johnson

    NEWBIE> Attribute Relation

    This situation can be handled by Master Products - there will be a new version in January. Matti
  16. Johnson

    Disappearing categories

    I was able to duplicate the error on refresh - you are losing the $categories_string variable by the looks :blink: Matti
  17. Johnson

    Need this REALL QUiCK!!!!!

    Thankyou for contributing to osCommerce! Please post a link here when you have them done. Matti
  18. You have an extra 'catalog' in the path: /home/pcpulse/public_html/catalog/catalog/temp/EP2003Dec28-1111.txt This is a file system path, so look at these - in both your configuration file and the contribution. Matti
  19. chmod 777 your temp directory Matti
  20. products_model is probably missing either from the database query or the product info array. Matti
  21. Johnson

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Is this topic ready to be locked/split? It is 61 pages long - very cumbersome. Suggestions/help are welcome. Matti
  22. Johnson

    Installing A Contribution

    If the contribution includes the modified files, I find the easiest way is to use a program such as Beyond Compare to move the changes from the contibution files over to your own - one by one :P Merry Christmas! (in Australia!) :D Matti
  23. Johnson


    How about posting to the ccc support thread? :blink: Matti
  24. Johnson

    linked items

    You could change Manufacturers to Authors in osCommerce - this is the simplest way. There is a contribution known as Family Products that can also be used - this lists the other products below the main one being viewed in product info. Matti
  25. Johnson

    HELP! EP field list error

    Yes, they must be in order - I have only used CSV files, not EasyPopulate - not sure of the setup there - I can see that it is your data.txt file that is being read - that is what is important. HTH Matti