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    Attributes Search

    In addition, if the search comes back with more than one page of results, clicking on the next page (page 2) or any other page (page 3, etc,.) or "last page" (>>) just takes me back to the default attributes page (not the selected page of the search results).
  2. I would like to move the Related Products table farther down the page (below the Add to Cart button) and thought I could figure it out but every time I try moving the Related Products code to where I think it will work I lose my right column (the right column ends up on the left side of the page at the bottom). Any suggestions? I know it has to be some little thing I'm missing when I move the code for Related Products.
  3. You can click that to make one product "inherit" the optional products listed for another product (so you don't have to enter all of them again if they relate to more than one product).
  4. I've got it running on http://www.baddogsales.com (see ProTrack under Altimeters, Multi-Function, for example).
  5. I fixed all 4 of the sites where I have this running. It really wasn't hard and didn't take but a few minutes to do, and by using my renaming technique I was able to salvage all of the work I did setting up the original database. I'm a BIG fan of this contrib!!
  6. I take part of that back. Dropping the products_options_products table would not prevent the SQL statement from inserting duplicate rows in the other two tables (configuration and configuration_groups).
  7. Thanks. I ended up deleting the extra (original) entries from configuration and configuration_groups and everything looks and works fine now. If I had run the "drop table" part of the SQL I think it would have worked the first time. Guess all's well that ends well. Thanks again.
  8. Well, here is what I tried thinking it would do the same thing. 1. I renamed the existing table. 2. I ran the SQL (excluding the first line). 3. I copied the data from the renamed (original) table to the new table (data only). 4. I dropped the original table. Now I have two Related Products in Configuration. One shows only the Thumbnail option and seems to control whether or not a thumbnail is displayed. The other one has all of the options but does not seem to control the thumbnail display (have not check the other options yet). Did I screw it up?
  9. I installed this and love it, but when I look in Admin under Configuration the only option I see is whether or not I want to show thumbnails. I don't see the other options described.
  10. I installed the mod by jajay and cannot get the delete by date range to work. When I click on the button after setting the dates, I get a blank page. Going back to the report shows that no users hae been deleted.
  11. I'm using the contribution that allows only logged in users to see pricing, but if a visitor clicks on the Pricematch link, the product name and price are shown. Is there a way to allow the Pricematch form to be used by logged in users only?
  12. I am using IM on three different sites and still have alt tags on all three.
  13. baddog

    Which contribution for Link Point gateway ?

    Jack, Thanks. I eliminated the low order fee and everything works. It would be nice to know how to make it work with the low order fee, but that's a small matter. Thanks again.
  14. baddog

    Which contribution for Link Point gateway ?

    I tried this contribution and get this error: There has been an error processing your credit card, please try again : SGS-002301: Charge total must be the sum of subtotal, tax, value added tax, and shipping. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  15. baddog

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Frequently Asked Questions 1. How does Froogle do what it does? Froogle collects product information in two ways. First, it uses product information submitted electronically by merchants who choose to take advantage of this free service. If you're interested in having your product information appear on Froogle, you can submit your items to Froogle. Second, as Google's spidering software crawls the Internet, Froogle automatically identifies webpages that offer products for sale. These are the pages Froogle searches when you enter the name of an item you want to find.
  16. baddog

    Protection of Configuration

  17. baddog


    What settings do you have under Sessions in Configuation?
  18. I would focus on what path it is trying to use to link to the page it can't find, and I would be checking my configure files too.
  19. What page was it looking for when you got the 404?
  20. baddog

    Possible configurationproblem?

    Do you have a dedicated SSL certificate? Or is it a shared certificate? If you set SSL to False, you will at least be able to see the pages. I think you may have either no SSL or a shared SSL (in which case your path is not correct).
  21. I tend to agree that it makes no sense, but that's the way osC is designed by default. It would be nice if there were a Login and a Create Account link instead (for users who have not logged in).
  22. baddog

    auto option price update

    That's a good question, but we are probably going to need some hints.
  23. All visitors will see My Account, but if they have not logged in, clicking on My Account takes them to the login page. Once logged in, clicking on My Account takes them to their account page.
  24. If we are talking about the same thing (the My Account link that takes you to the login page), I don't see how a registered user would log in if the link was not there. Maybe I'm missing something.