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  1. Vger's add-on was the only one that I could get to work. If you do authorize only, you need to log in to and capture (it's a simple click of a couple buttons).
  2. If you have an earlier version of PHP (5.0.x) will this contribution still work? What features would not be available?
  3. I'd like to try it out.
  4. Seems to have done the trick. Thanks again!
  5. Okay, here's another one. It is showing the competitor's price as $143.00 instead of $143.99. Page: Search string: Sale price: (.*)</span> I hope this feedback is helpful and not annoying. I love this contribution and hope it can be fine-tuned along the way.
  6. This one still doesn't work for me. Nothing is displayed. I guess that's better than the thousands of dollars it was showing before. :)
  7. I can see that constructing the search string is somewhat of an art form. I have tried a few variations on this page: It's picking up numbers from color codes or something and not the product price. Any suggestions there? Also, am I correct that it would be futile to try to come up with a viable search string on a page like this:
  8. That worked. The only thing I noticed was that it shows up at the bottom instead of the top of the listing now. Thanks!!!
  9. Neither one is my page. I listed two competitors' pages, one with a single product listed and one with multiple products listed. I've tried to get a comparison for the Altitrack (which is listed on both pages) to mine. For now, I'll try to focus on what should be the simpler problem, the comparison to the single-product page. Once that is figured out, I'll see if I can master the comparison on the multiple-product page. For this page I'm currently using this search string: <title>Altitrack [Altitrack altimeter] - (.*) :
  10. I have tried both of the code fixes posted. I can get it to display Their Price = My price = and it shows my price but it doesn't show their price. One page I've tried it on is There are a couple of places where the price shows up and I've tried several variations of both. I hope you can help me figure this out because I think this is a pretty cool contribution. Thanks for taking a look. BTW, I'd like to pull prices from a page like the following, but I'm guessing a page with multiple products would pose a problem. If my assumption is a bad one, please enlighten me.
  11. Which reminds me, the CSS change didn't work for me either....but I don't think it's essential. Everything seems to display fine (except the price isn't there) without the change.
  12. For what it's worth, I can't get the price from the competitor's site to display either. I did notice that in the text on the Admin page it says "replace that with (.*) so the final result would look something like: valign="top">(.*)</td>, which is what is shown in the Add section below." and that below it displays "valign="top">(*)</td>" but I've tried it with both (*) and (.*) to no avail. I do have a couple of questions too. First, will this addon result in links to your competitor's site on your site? If I could get it to work I'd know the answer, but I can't so I'm asking. Second, will your competitor's server log an incoming connection from your Admin site, thus disclosing the name of your Admin directory (referer URL)?
  13. If you add your own meta tags for description and keywords while using KissMT you end up with two descriptions and two key word meta tags. Do you know what the search engines do when they encounter two tags for the same thing?
  14. It's running 5.0.4. Will a manual install work?
  15. I tried to install the Admin Settings but only get a blank page when browsing to the installer file. Any suggestions, or can you do a manual SQL statement?