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  1. Well the file you sent didnt seem to change anything.. I did some digging and found out that this line.. echo 'tax_rates["' . $tax_class_array[$i]['id'] . '"] = ' . ($tax_class_array[$i]['id']) . ';' . "n"; in the categories.php brings up a error saying the tep_tax_rate etc caused a fatal error.. Can someone direct Me to fixing this problem. As it is I just commented out the line and I got the contribution working fine now... :D :D :D :D
  2. I just installed your contribution and I can edit My email and Newsletter but I cant even get in to edit My products now.. I get a blank admin page instead.. I have read thru the threads and found one guy having the same problem but couldnt find His solution.. I allready tried the single language hack. I would love to use this contribution but need to figure out this.. It seems to be a javascript error as I get the following error.. It changes line numbers depending on where and what Im trying to change.. Line: 192 **This changes** Char: 1 Error: Object Expected Code:0 URL:// **Again depending on what category etc Im in.. Any help would be appreciated