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  1. Flyer5

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hello Does anyone know if this is compatible with Seperate Pricing per customer contribution? thanks
  2. Flyer5

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I found what I was missing.... Google don't make it very clear but its easy to log in to the wrong country control panel. If you upload your uk products to the us control panel they appear in dollars. I expect it works the other way round too. ANyway, for reference you can access the correct country control panel from these links. The UK Log in. The US Log In. The GERMAN Log In. hope it helps..
  3. Flyer5

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I have searched and can't find an answer... honest. I have 4 Froogle feeds set up all running fine. The products are visible and correctly formatted. I installed the new version of this contribution (googlefeeder) and have 2 new feeds being uploaded to uploads.google.com just fine. Only thing is, am I missing something because these are both displaying $ and my old froogle feeds on my same account are all in £'s. I've checked everything I can think of and gone through all the config possibilities without being able to find the reason. Will someone put me out my misery... thanks
  4. Ribs, you're the man.

  5. Flyer5

    nochex payments

    hello you need to set up the nochex module, in admin/modules/payment, but, i woul get this contribution HERE and use the nochex auto responder. let me know if you get stuck installing it,. F5
  6. Flyer5

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    ignore me i fixed it.
  7. Flyer5

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    Spot on Chris, can yu see me smilin'! cheers F5
  8. Flyer5

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    Hi This is an excellent development of STS, I have 1 problem tho' if i create an index.php.html file and place it on the server in the templates folder, then activate it in admin it is ignored, any ideas what i've missed? cheers F5
  9. moved Ooops!
  10. Flyer5

    Table rate and wigh problem

    The problem you have here is that you are exceeding the maximum weight in the table. if you do that, it results in a zero. To trest the theory, make your final weight something like 100 then buy a couple of things, you should see it report the correct prices. maybe try 0.8:14,1.4:26,1.9:38,100:50 F5
  11. Flyer5

    Shipping module weight

    I guess you need to open the products table in your mysql admin and change the value of "weight" to 5,3 that will set the default to 3 decimals, ie 0.340 :)
  12. Flyer5

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    this is what i have.... if ($CpiResultsCode=='0') { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL')); } looks the same to me!
  13. Flyer5

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi Vger I'm running it on Discom.co.uk with a shared certificate on united hosting. Haven't had any issues (yet!?) F5
  14. Flyer5

    Cheapest UK delivery ?

    Just a word of warning - one of my clients chose dhl, set price of ?7.70 up to 10kg, which was fine, but they neglected to tell him they charge ?10 re delivery fees. They presented him with a bill for ?280 for redeliveries. he's refused to pay it and the fight goes on! F5