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  1. pianowoman

    Authorize.net Reseller

    I'm using the Authorize.net Consolidated contribution and absolutely love it! However, I was wondering if anyone could recommend an Authorize.net reseller. The one I am using, between the gateway fee and the reseller fee, it's costing me $50 a month BEFORE the processing fees. So any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I have scoured the forums and really only found one post related to a flat rate commission for oscAffiliate, however it was for version 1, not version 2. What I would like to do is create a flate rate per item commission, so $5 per item sold instead of a percentage of the entire sale. Has anyone found a way to do this? Or at least what file is the commission calculated in? Thanks! :D
  3. pianowoman

    Header tag controller issue w/ STS

    I ended up adding my files to the STS contritubtion of how I got it to work. It is a bit crude, but it worked for me. :) STS Template Contribution
  4. Did you ever find the solution?
  5. pianowoman

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Try naming the sts block articles_box instead of articles. I think articles is already a variable being used.
  6. pianowoman

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hey folks! I just love STS - however I am encountering one issue. I would like to add HEADING_TITLE to the title bar of the pages like conditions.php and shipping.php. I am using the Heading Tags controller however it doesn't control those pages. I tried the suggestion of adding this to sts_display_output.php: $template['title'] = (HEADING_TITLE); Then I changed the Heading Tag Controller code to: } else { echo "<title>" . TITLE . $title . "</title>"; } I guess it doesn't know what the HEADING_TITLE is yet. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. I am using STS with the article manage contrib., and there seems to be a problem using these 2 contribs with the header tag controller. I noticed that the meta tags are no longer dynamic in the article manager. I use the article manage on a osc site without the STS system and the article manager works fine (meta tags still dynamic). Anyone have an idea why this does not work with these two contributions (STS v2.00 and Article Manager) I have had to make static versions of my main category pages for the search engines. See the site at http://www.amazinglasvegas.com/index.php
  8. Does anyone know how to fix the bread crumbs of the articles.php page when using the Articles Manager contribution? Example Here When I am on the default page I see this NAVBAR_TITLE_DEFAULT as the name of the page.
  9. pianowoman

    CC Authorization only - no capture, using Authorize.net

    Have you found a solution for this yet? I also need to implement the same function with one of my shopping carts. Thanks!
  10. Sure! If you have it I would love to see it! :)
  11. I didn't receive it, could you send it through the contact form on my site?
  12. Can I e-mail you at the address you used on my site?
  13. Ugh -- I tried taking it out as there were all those database errors (I guess since I have old files) and I just don't know what to do now.
  14. The last modified is NULL. I set the status to delivered in the admin, also the default setting is "processing".
  15. Okay, I switched to the absolute path (no dice) and the file name and permissions are correct. I do have the downloads_controller.php file however there is no reference to it in the download.php file. Any thoughts?