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  1. For the longest time, my dropdowns always sorted properly. Now some do and some don't. Here is a "view source" print-out from what appears on the web. Why does one go from 1 to 10 and the other from 10 to 1 on the same product_info_tpl ? How can I fix this? :'( Thanks, Lobo This one is correct, sorted correctly from option value 10, down to 2. <td class="main">Sales Rep:</td> <td class="main"><select name="id[7]"><option value="10">[None]</option><option value="9">Kathryn</option><option value="8">Vicky</option><option value="7">Rebecca</option><option value="6">Lissa</option><option value="5">Holly</option><option value="3">Sharon</option><option value="2">Angie</option></select></td> This one is NOT correct, sorted incorrectly from option value 2 up to 10 (the reverse!) <td class="main">Sales Rep:</td> <td class="main"><select name="id[7]"><option value="2">Angie</option><option value="3">Sharon</option><option value="5">Holly</option><option value="6">Lissa</option><option value="7">Rebecca</option><option value="8">Vicky</option><option value="9">Kathryn</option><option value="10">[None]</option></select></td>
  2. All, Here's the steps I'm trying to perform: My goal is to do the following: [1] Add my CATAGORIES and put one PRODUCT in each via Admin. (DONE) [2] Set-up all of my ATTRIBUTE OPTION TYPES via Admin. (DONE) [2] Add my ATTRIBUTES to the first PRODUCT only via Admin. (DONE) [3] Export the complete EasyPopulate File. (DONE) [4] Modify the txt file to include the same ATTRIBUTES for all other products. (How?) [5] Upload the file via EasyPopulate. All of my products are supposed to have the same attributes/options, BUT I don't want to have to configure over 600 products via the Admin panel. QUESTION: Will EasyPopulate allow me to see the exported options for one product and apply it to all of the others? I would really appreciate any help that someone could offer. Kind Regards, Lobo
  3. Lobotaman

    Easy Populate problems ;-(

    Also, you can see the same error up above in your earlier responses... right syntax to use near 's fastest graphics chip When the upload finds the first ' or " it hangs up, gives an error message, and dumps it's last action on the screen. Lobotaman
  4. Lobotaman

    Easy Populate problems ;-(

    Here's the solution... In your error message, it says: right syntax to use near 've Got Mail', See the red appostrophe? You can't upload those without putting a \ in front of each of them. A backslash has to be in front of each [ " ] or [ ' ] . So, it would look like: You\'ve Got Mail I hope that helps. Lobotaman
  5. Lobotaman

    Option Type Feature - How to...

    I did finally achieve some success with the code below... style="width: 300px" Good luck, Lobo
  6. All, Just a quick inquiry regarding this contribution... My attributes are very likely going to push the database download OVER the 255 column limits of either Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. Are there any cost effective means of working around this? What is forcing the problem is the fact that I have one drop down selection box that has exactly 50 items in it. If it weren't for THAT, it would work fine! Every single one of my product_info.php pages (no exceptions) must have this drop down in it with the exact same choices. Can it be hard coded in the product_info.php page? There has GOT to be a better way that will still allow me to upload/download using EasyPop! Thanks (in advance) to anyone who can help. Lobo
  7. Can someone please help me with this? Ref: Product Attributes: Option Type Feature V1.71 The text area box stays at a fixed width for a few lines of text and then it begins to shrink. Where do I look to find the sport where I can fix the width of this form? I'm so close? If you want pasted code, then please say so, I'll be happy to post it. Thanks, Lobo
  8. Two Quick Questions I have more COLUMNS (not rows) than are supported by MSExcel. As you may guess, this is related to the complexity of my attributes. Question #1: Is there a way to work with a file that is wider than MSExcel will accept? I look at others' osCommerce sites and they have these huge product descriptions, but when I upload my stuff in EasyPopulate, it truncates my text (in the description column). Question #2: Where/how do I make a change to accept longer product descriptions? Thanks, Lobo
  9. Lobotaman

    On The Fly Watermark Enhanced 1.1

    Just a quick note to say that I have installed this contribution and am using both the watermark and thumbnail feature. I am so pleased with the way it works. Hat's off - a job well done! Lobo
  10. Mibble, I will go ahead (after I make backup copies of the files & database) and install the Option Type Feature contribution. I'm not too good at the tweaking, so I may be back to ask some questions. Thank you so very much for your opinion. I have been asking this question in various places for several days now without a response anywhere. I appreciate your time. Lobo
  11. A new question: (hopefully on the right thread) Will Easypopulate with Attributes properly download/upload the attributes created with the contribution entitled: "Product Attributes - Option Type Feature" A link to this contribution is HERE This is a question for someone who is familiar with how Easypopulate queries the database to prepare a download text file. I have gotten EasyPopulate to work properly and I want to install the contribution above, but am hesitant until I hear an opinion on this question. Anybody know? Thanks, Lobo
  12. CMOTD, I am very much hoping that you can help me with a question that I cannot seem to get answered despite several posts in what I believe are the proper areas. My question is largely related to Easy Populate and is very simple: Will Easy Populate continue to work properly even if I install the contribution entitled "Product Attributes - Options Type Feature" (shown here Link to Contrib) I don't want to install this mod if Easy Populate will not recognize and download/upload the new attribute fields. I have been very fortunate thus far in setting up my first store, despite my first exposure to a php-based site. Now that it's almost entirely configured, I only have attributes and PayPal to finish up and I'm done. I hate the thought of messing it up. If you're able to help, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Lobo
  13. Lobotaman

    Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

    Okay, same question from a different perspective... How do I find the support thread for the contribution entitled "Product Attributes - Option Type Feature" ? Thanks, Lobo
  14. Lobotaman

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I have been reading the threads about PayPal IPN not passing attributes that were created with the Option Type Feature contribution. There is some kind of an update at Post #1213 (Scroll down this page to find #1213) Does anybody have any experience with this combination? (I have been worried about Easy Populate and the Option Type Feature, never though to worry about PayPal IPN!) Thanks for any input anyone can provide. Lobo
  15. All, I hate to go through this implementation and find out that this excellent contribution will not work with the Easy Populate that I have already installed. Anybody have any experience with this? The key question is: Will the new attribute types be exported (and properly imported) when using Easy Populate to upload the sql database? Thanks, Lobo