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  1. I've got a non-urgent, curiosity question. In the APC section of payment modules in admin, it has a box for a Nochex logo, but where does that logo show up? I've put the path in from the same url I get the nochex logo on my "payment options page" (it's pulled off the nochex server because I just copied/pasted straight from their merchant help in my account) but it's not showing up on the payment selection page. I went right on through to "confirm order" and it's not displayed anywhere. Where does this logo show up?
  2. Miguel, a Nochex payment module comes with the default install of OSCommerce, and that is probably what you are seeing. Just ignore it and move onto the next part of the install.
  3. Yes it did. I'm posting your suggestion here for everyone else: Right Try this. Uninstall the nochex apc module in the admin again (Modules > Payment > Nochex > Remove Reinstall the module by clicking the install button again, and Click edit when its installed Make sure "Enable NOCHEX Module" is True Set Functionality Mode to "Test" Set your logo as desired or blank it out Set "Enable NOCHEX APC Responder" to "True" Ensure the APC Responder Address points to the correct file (ie. On mine it is "http://www.mydomain.com/nochex_notify.php", I'm sure it is for yours aswell Set Email address to your NOCHEX payment address Leave the others on the default apart from "Debug Email Code", set that to "True" Finally click Update. Now run through your site to order something, hopefully it will be there (I've just done exactly the same steps on my store), and it should be there. Progress right the way through because as you are in test mode, your will be able to send a test transaction from the email address test1@nochex.com password 123456. If this all works you should receive loads of emails saying so. If it does be sure to take the module out of test mode and into "LIVE" mode.
  4. I've also tried removing and then installing the modules through the payment modules section of the admin panel, and that's not fixed my problem either. I just do not understand what has gone wrong, and why it's not showing up after I re-uploaded the entire website (that had all the modified nochex apc updates as well).
  5. Please help me. I had installed the apc, and it was working fine until I accidentally clicked "delete" on the normal (non apc) nochex in the admin payment modules. Now neither of them are showing up after checkout even though I have installed the module again, and re-uploaded my ENTIRE website. It's just not there any more and I don't know why. This is going to cripple my shop because my only other payment option is check, and I doubt anyone is going to want to send me a check.