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  1. Autoinstaller 2.14 for Cross-Sell (XSell) Module v2.6


    Thanks you very much for this hassle free contribution.

  2. NeilColeclough

    Specials products carousel

    Hi! I've installed this very cool contribution on my site at www.tooltrolley.co.uk and it looks great. However, I have noticed that if an image is clicked on, the lightbox effect displays perfectly, but the carousel continues to slide. This means that by the time you have looked at the enlarged picture in the lightbox, the product has scrolled out of view, so that you can't click on it to view full details. Is it possible to pause the carousel until the lightbox is closed, alternatively, could a "view full details" button be included in the lightbox?
  3. NeilColeclough

    Specials products carousel

    I must admit I know nothing of "quirks mode" do thanks for the pointer. I took a look at the link you provided above and understand that quirks mode kicks in when the doctype is missing. I've checked my index page and it appears to be the very first line in the file. Could you offer any further help in where I should be looking for the errors on the site please...?
  4. NeilColeclough

    Specials products carousel

    The excessive width problem seems to be linked to the number of specials the site has on offer. It is as if the screen width is being prepared to accommodate the display of all specials even though only 3 are displayed in the carousel. Is there a restriction on the total number of specials the site can have listed for this contribution to work (my site has lots!!)
  5. NeilColeclough

    Specials products carousel

    1. - Open the sql file in notepad. 2. - Copy the entire contents to the clipboard. 3. - Select your store's database from phpMyadmin (you'll find a link to this in cpanel). 4. - Click on the SQL tab. 5. - Paste the contents of the clipboard into the large SQL box. 6. - Click 'Go' 7. - The sql file will make all necessary additions to your store's database, including installing the admin panel control (this appears in the 'configuration' section of the admin panel menu. That's it - sql file exectuted!
  6. NeilColeclough

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks gor your reply. In actual fact the line you refer to is already uncommented in the contribution download package. I did get to the cause of the problem though. Many hosting companies disable the ftp_connect() function for security. A quick call to my host and the job's done! A tremendous contribution that'll save me hours every week - thanks FlyingMonkey
  7. NeilColeclough

    Specials products carousel

    Thanks for your help in the French support forum. I've tried enclosing the include on the index page in a table, but I still have a problem with page width. No matter where I put the table, it causes the page to become enormously wide and needing a scroll bar at the bottom. Most of the page content disappears off to the right!! The problem only appears in Internet Explorer (I'm using IE7), but doesn't appear in FireFox. The code I'm using to include the carousel on the index page is:- <table align="center" border="0" width=100%> <tr> <td><?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_SPECIALS_PRODUCTS_CAROUSEL); ?></td> </tr> </table> I've uploaded an example of the problem to:- http://www.tooltrolley.co.uk/problem.php An identical page, but without the carousel is at:- http://www.tooltrolley.co.uk/index.php This such an attractive contribution, I'd love to include it on my site - any help you can give will be truly appreciated!!
  8. NeilColeclough

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    My sincere apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - I've looked really hard! I installed this excellent contribution this morning, following instructions carefully. I also encountered the inactive button problem, and used the code provided by Flying Monkey - perfect, thanks! However, when I run googlefeeder.php I get the following message. I've tried disabling my firewall but it hasn't helped. Can anyone point me in the right direction please...? Warning: ftp_connect() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/tooltrol/public_html/admin/googlefeeder.php on line 376 FTP open connection failed to uploads.google.com
  9. NeilColeclough

    CGI error in Easy Populate

    A few years ago I administered a couple of OSC sites and used Easy Populate on each of them. It really has to be the most useful contribution ever submitted - thanks very much indeed. I am in the process of putting a new site together and have just installed EP, paying very close attention to the configuration instructions. I'm satisfied that everything is where it should be and that folder permissions are correct, but whenever I attempt to use EP from the admin panel, the following is reported:- CGI Error The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. Can anybody shed any light on what might be causing this...?
  10. NeilColeclough

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Hi Joe I've just installed this contribution and met the same problem as you. I wondered if you've been able to find a solution...? Neil
  11. NeilColeclough

    Easy Populate (EP) and Product Attributes

    Thank you. My products would only have one option with maybe two or three values to select, so I have removed the unused fields from the spreadsheet prior to uploading. As I say, the attributes that I do use are arriving safely and appearing in the attributes table. The product also arrives in the product table. Is there a particular field which serves to tie the two together which I've overlooked or should it happen anyway because they appear in the same record?
  12. I'm using the current version of EP with the fantastic Attributes facility! However, I am finding that although the upload is successful, the product is created, the attributes table is updated / created, the product fails to offer the options detailed in the attributes table. It is as though the attributes are not being tied to the product. Any thoughts...? I am down to my last three extractable hairs!!