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  1. shopscifi

    Paypal IPN and Reg Globals

    Hi Reciently I had problems with reg glogals being turned off on my server, all this was fixed BUT the paypal IPN doesn't work. Anyone have a fix or can point me to a contribution Cheers
  2. shopscifi


    Is it possible to add the referring banner - affiliate_banner_id - that was used to generate a sale to the table in the affiliates sales page?
  3. shopscifi


    Hi I am looking for some help with a feature of oscaffiliate I would love to add an extra field to the table that records affiliate sales - I would like to add a 'clickref' where the affiliate can set this value to anything (to help them track what link has been clicked) Anyone done this already. It shouldn't be too difficult but I dont want to reinvent the wheel. If not all I really need to know is.... What file is the affiliate cookie set. What file is the sql for the affiliate sale tracking Which table is the affiliate sale tracking in. Thanks for your time Brian