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  1. Johnny99

    fast easy checkout

    If you still need the collapse_tcat.gif you can download it at http://www.angele-shop.com/catalog/create_account1.php (I think it was zipped in an older fast easy checkout version from Nana) Nana, i did not find the solution, why the "add comment about your order" box does not appear anymore at the checkout_shipping. The funny thing is that it appears if you do not choose a payment form, but in this case the page is redirected to checkout_payment.php. Is that correct? Thank you in advance and thank you for this fine contribution and all the work and support!!
  2. Johnny99

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Does anyone have some experience with using MVS 1.1 together with the "fasteasycheckout" contrib (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3469) Both contributions are too complex for my php knowledge to overwiev, if they bother each other.... Thanks in advance
  3. Johnny99

    Javascript InfoBox v1.1

    Hallo, the problem is fixed, you just have to generate at least one "manual code" in every admin language (means you have to do that logged in as ADMIN in english first, then in german and ...). In the language files there has to be included some manual code too (which is generated by the contribution). Further the "Define Additional Dynamic Pages" must be filled with the filenames, where the javascript-effect should be visible. regards Philipp
  4. I 've installed both contibutions (option type feature and attribute sets), but until now they do not work together. Error message is 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '0,'+',1)' at line 1 insert into products_attributes (products_id, options_id, options_values_id, options_values_price, price_prefix, sort_order) values (6999,7,,0,'+',1) but i can not find where to change or add the right piece of code to mege those two contributions. Thanks in advance, greetings from Germany, Philipp
  5. Johnny99

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Jim, you recommended the Option Type Feature contribution in another thread... Do you think there will be difficulties to get the Option Feature Contribution running with MVS. I am willingly to test it, but perhaps you can give some hints, for example which one to install first... (I have a modified shop, so i have to merge the files...) Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany
  6. Johnny99

    Order Email Notification to merchant

    You do not need a contribution for that, just enter the second email adress in admin section "My store" : Send extra order emails to the following email addresses, in this format: Name 1 <email@address1>, Name 2 <email@address2> regards Philipp
  7. Johnny99

    Javascript InfoBox v1.1

    If you are interested in an example of the great contribution look at our webpage Until now some examples are implemented in the german sites, for example look at the freight tables, which need some extra explanations for different countries (Switzerland-Schweiz, or Norway-Norwegen) but I'll complete our databased product infos with much further information... greetings from Germany, Philipp
  8. Johnny99

    Product Description 1.3

    Hallo, your short description looks like the one i am searching for. Is it in the contribution section or is it not public? The best thing would be, if it draws the short description from a separate field (i have already one for featured products). Thanks in advance, Philipp from Germany
  9. Johnny99

    Javascript InfoBox v1.1

    Chris, thanks for the fast reply. I feel a bit ashamed, i didn't upload the file to the admin area...normally my .php knowledge is big enough for copy and paste... The contribution now works without problems, even with different languages, i just had to edit the control panel in the different languages in the admin and of course in the language files for the static pages. Thanks again, I will find the link to the paypal button.... Philipp
  10. Johnny99

    Javascript InfoBox v1.1

    Hello, If i mouseover over the [?] in the admin area nothing happens, and i tried to insert the manual code as descibed above in the german language file of our static about us page, but i get no result, too. At the bottom it says: java script:void(0); The normal F/R function works perfectly, when using the code on dynamic pages. I would appreciate a hint, how to solve that. Thanks in advance and thank you for the perfect contribution and your efforts, especially because all the annoyance you had with it... Greetings from Germany, Philipp (www.angele-shop.com)
  11. Johnny99

    [Contribution] Category Descriptions MS2

    Does anyone have the fix to get the this contribution running with Steves "Featured products". The problem is described in http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...featured&st=180 but i could not find (or understand) the solution. Thanks in advance and regards from Germany Philipp
  12. I feel a bit uncomfortable with saying, that even though your documentation is really perfect and foolproof i get an error, when i put the .htaccess file in the catalog file (i changed /folder/ to /catalog/). The error is Error 403. It is not a windows server and the serverinfo says that mod_rewrite is a loaded module. I have another .htaccess in the admin level to protect the admin area, but that should not be the problem. The automatic redirect script i havn't installed yet. Sorry for boring you and the thread with these beginners failures, i really try to solve the problems by reading before asking...
  13. I have installed the "Ultimate SEO URLs v2.0" from 1 Feb 2005, and i've choosen step 4 (1a) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAGE CACHE INSTALLED REPLACE WITH THIS CODE... I just tried it with 4 (1b) IF YOU HAVE PAGE CACHE INSTALLED REPLACE WITH THIS CODE... but there is no better result concerning the language-switching Sorry, I am just beginning with php, until now i made just some copy and paste and I am far far away from real understanding of the meaning or using of cache and those things...
  14. my url is www.angele-shop.com/catalog Thank you in advance, Philipp
  15. Chemo, first of all thank you for your scripts and all the input you give in the forum. I've installed Ultimate SEO 2.0 and everything works fine, but I have the same problem as ErnstSteiniger (this thread page 17): it is not possible to switch from one language to another, if you are deeper than the index page. Switching the language will return no products found (I use cname). search-engine safe urls is set to "false". Any idea what to change? Thank you in advance and greetings from Germany, Philipp