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  1. Genom

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    does this works 100% with hebrew?
  2. I use ultimate seo urls v22d_12 but it doesnt work with hebrew thanks
  3. how can I contact you outside the forum? maybe you can test it on my shop?
  4. the problem is that all hebrew characters transform into => - <= so how can I do it?
  5. I tried it but it didnt help can you give me example ? I tried it like this: א=>א,ב=>ב I put comma between א and ב in the database itself it shows the hebrew like this if it matters: îåöøéí îéåçãéí
  6. hi how can I make it to work with hebrew characters right now it changes them to something like this: ------ ------
  7. I am using cc original module I want to add another credit card with or without validation class if its possible to do it with validation then it will be good (-: because I dont know how to do it
  8. there is few options lets say visa mastercard and etc I want to add another credit card called Isracard
  9. I want to know how can I add another credit card to the system
  10. I need to add another credit card to the list but with only 8 digits dont care if it will authorize it or not just that it will accept it
  11. in the languages I put RTL not LTR and its still left to right heres the link;language=he you can see the text not going in the right direction how can I do it will write from right to left?