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  1. Sorry, that was written at about 10 hours past bedtime. Here's the symptoms: If I take an EP tab delimited file from an existing db, one with identical structure, and I attempt to upload it (via a transfer to the local temp dir) to this new, structured, but product empty db I get the first product inserted completely and perfectly, but thereafter there's only one tab delimiter shown every now and again, and there is no ordering of fields. It is as though the thing was simply reading serially left to right without seeing the column headers, field delimiters or the EOFEOF after the first record. Am I missing something about the column headers in open office 7 spreadhseets or what? Can't nut it out! GGGRRR
  2. Uploading a tab delimited file, whether from EP straight through ftp from one temp dir to the next, or by way of open office spreadsheet, the program makes the first category, sub category and one product perfectly then when it drops to the next line, suddenly all the model numbers appear separated by one tab, then all the image names and so on. It is as though the program cannot parse the delimeters properly. Yes, EOFEOF is there on each line. Have tried tab delimited formats from a number of sources, all with precisely the same result. and now, all that's left is tears. :'(