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  1. Stormer

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Hello All, Another follow up on previous post. It's FIXED. :rolleyes: After corresponding with SteveC, he asked me to make sure the /admin/images/fedex was chmodded 777. When I went in, I noticed these images in the /admin Aug 25 12:25 DIR_WS_FEDEX_LABELS462105310000002.png Aug 25 12:26 DIR_WS_FEDEX_LABELS462105310000019.png Sep 2 17:17 DIR_WS_FEDEX_LABELS462105310000026.png Sep 2 17:38 DIR_WS_FEDEX_LABELS462105310000033.png he simply told me: edit: catalog/admin/includes/configure.php and add the following lines some where before the ending ?> // fedex BOF define('DIR_WS_FEDEX_LABELS', DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'fedex/'); // fedex EOF It all works now. This contrib was a bear to install in the first place, I am not at all surprised I missed this in the instructions. Or, maybe it wasn't in the instructions at all..LOL (that is doubtful since no one else was having this problem) But this was the fix. thanks all. James
  2. Stormer

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Hello, Just a follow up on my last post... I just went and did it again. The png image is attempting to load from: MYDOMAIN.COM/catalog/admin/images/fedex/462105310000033.png So.. I went to that directory to see if anything was in it. I do see a text file called: post.txt that file contains all the shipping information. Possibly the problem lay with my server not being able to generate a png file? I'm really not sure what that post.txt file has to do with anything. I'm guessing here. Thanks again for any input you might have. James
  3. Stormer

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Hello, I've installed this contrib and get everything to work now "except" I can't see the actual "label" to even get a plain paper print out. I get the fedex tracking number. It puts the order in delivered... (which I'll change to shipped, thanks to an earlier post) But basically, when I enter in how many lbs, on the next screen that should show me the label to print, it's a broken image. Could that be a problem with curl or something else? Maybe I'm just goofed somewhere? Probably the case, as it appears according to the rest of the post everyone else can at least "see" the label. <sigh> Thanks for your input! James