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  1. hi jacks, it as suddenly started working lol only problem is now, when it transfers you to the paypal payment screen it doesnt say what they are buying and also it adds £1 postage and packing? any ideas why paypal is doing that?
  2. hey guys ive been working on my shop for a little while now and feel its ready to go live. Only problem being is that i cant seem to get paypal to work ive activated it in my admin panel but it doesnt show as an option of payment. any ideas? cheers dean
  3. think ive sorted it thanks
  4. hello, ive installed the pricematch mod and it works brilliant but looks a little untidy on my store is there a way of adding some sort of code that will box it in a bit so it doesnt look so untidy here is an example: many thanks dean
  5. Open your OsCommerce shop on the server and open the OsCommerce package you received. What you have to do: 1. Copy all the files from the root folder (excluding folders). 2. Copy /images folder 3. Open /includes folder and copy header.php, footer.php, column_left.php and column_right.php files 4. Copy /includes/boxes folder 5. Open /includes/classes folder and copy boxes.php file 6. Open /languages/english folder and copy /images folder 6. Open /languages/espanol folder and copy /images folder 6. Open /languages/german folder and copy /images folder 7. Open /includes/modules folder and copy product_listing.php and new_products.php files That's all! Let's check the results...
  6. change the bit index.php to what ever you want for example ('specials.php')
  7. sorry guys url is
  8. anyone know how to do this :( someone has given me some code that i could use that will place code over the 2 images to get round it but i cant find the code i need to replace to do it if any one can help id be extremely gratfull as im ment to be going live on monday and got a lot to do lol
  9. any one?
  10. hi guys i installed a premade template and in the top right it has a logo of 2 chairs, i want to chnge this imag to show a stove but the problem is the image is in 2 parts, where would i start to change it? i mean how do you create an image and split it into 2 and make it fit correctly and look right? or is there an way of changing th template so its a one image picture not 2 sperate files? see what i mean thanks for looking dean
  11. did you change the /catelog/ bit i htacess? whats the url to your shop
  12. hello i just need some advice on how to edit the fron t page of my shop :D shop is here : how do i make my writing bold and centered? i tried using <b> </b> etc but shows erros and how do i get rid of the phrase "osCommerce 2.2-MS2." and how would i remove the new products fro janurary box its butt ugly :D thanks dean
  13. this would be a great addition if it could be done please :D
  14. hello ive installed this wioth no problems but how can i check to confirm the customer has ticked the box?
  15. hello everyone i killed my shop installing another hack so have had to start again and re install this one first but it doesnt seem to be rewriting this time round the url shows as not as i wanted it to any ideas? cheers