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    Products Attributes Sort v1.0

    I've been wrestling this module for about 24 hours and have experienced a variety of different outcomes. I've hand placed the code into my site files due to multiple contributions being utilized (tried a few merge programs, to no avail). I'm sure it is a very simple solution that I just don't have the brain power to cypher out. My site is www.mainsales.net/allboutyou/catalog/. I can get the sort module to appear in my admin directory and function somewhat there, but whenever I go to the actual page, there is no sorting of the product attributes taking place per my instructions. I've read the responses in this forum to similar situations and have tried those, also with no luck. I am running the STS sytem, Header-tags Controller, and Option-type feature in this site. I am but a lowly graphic designer with no PHP coding skills to mention and would welcome any advice offered. I am very new to this so please type slowly. Thanks.