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  1. Just out of curiosity if anybody runs a shop in the Netherlands if you use http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3736 Or something else to handle PostNL rates. My setup is pretty simple, just going to have 2 different rates one for Europe countries, and one outside of Europe but I also need 2 services, registered and standard luft / lucht / air mail. I was going to setup using Table Rates for Europe and then force it to use Zone rates for outside of Europe, but this doesn't work because of the 2 different shipping options I need. Any thoughts or advise is much appreciated.
  2. NodsDorf

    Authorize Net AIM Problem

    Hi Joe, We noticed this problem as well. You're thinking exactly what I was that the script is timing out. There is a lot of stuff that happens when the customer processes an order and many lines of items tends to cause extra problems. My thinking was to actually limit the amount of unique items allowed in a basket but haven't had time to try and run any modifications yet. Did you find any solutions to the issue?
  3. Thanks for http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/360838-old-blue-gui-screen/

    Severed me well, adding statics to the admin index.php

  4. Grati sciens ipsum.

  5. NodsDorf

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks Jack, The code for the SQL was : $sql = " SELECT concat( '" . $productURL . "' ,products.products_id) AS product_url, products_model AS prodModel, manufacturers.manufacturers_name AS mfgName, manufacturers.manufacturers_id, products.products_id AS id, products_description.products_name AS name, products_description.products_description AS description, products.products_quantity AS quantity, products.products_status AS prodStatus, products.products_weight AS prodWeight, FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * " . $taxCalc . ",2) AS price, CONCAT( '" . $imageURL . "' ,products.products_image) AS image_url, products_to_categories.categories_id AS prodCatID, categories.parent_id AS catParentID, categories_description.categories_name AS catName FROM (categories, categories_description, products, products_description, products_to_categories) I just replaced the FORMAT line with the code above: FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * products.minorder * " . $taxCalc . ",2) AS price, And the calculations were done perfectly in my out_put.txt file. It appears to be the only change I needed. I'll do a manual upload now at google and see what they say.
  6. NodsDorf

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Okay so the original code in the file for the price is: FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * " . $taxCalc . ",2) AS price, Change to: FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * products.minorder * " . $taxCalc . ",2) AS price, Is this valid code?
  7. NodsDorf

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    So it looks like Google won't except a feed when your store uses the Minimum Quantity contribution. It dis-regards the whole feed even when only a few items use a minimum quantity... I'm using Google Froogle / Base feeder v2.5 Jack_mcs posted Dec 25th, 2009. There are 2 other updates, but neither seem to address the issue with Minimum quantity. Google Says: "Wrong prices: For items that can be purchased in various bulk quantities, you should include the total price for the minimum quantity available on your site. For example, if a user must purchase a minimum quantity of ten items, you should include the total price for ten items (the minimum purchasable quantity) in the 'price' attribute. Please update your feed to make sure that all prices in your feed match the total price for the minimum purchasable quantity on your site." Aside from the one error in the master code area that leaves out the correct path to the images, it has worked for us up until last month. (just noticed it today). Can anybody help me with the code needed to check the minimum quantity then multiple that with the price per unit? I can post the googlefeeder.php file if that will help, but I'm sure somebody else must have run into this issue by now. Your help is appreciated.
  8. NodsDorf

    Does anybody have a PayByCash module?

    Looked everywhere and don't see that there is a module. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. NodsDorf

    Flash carousel menu

    Check the catalog/index/includes/classes/flash_carousel_image_resize.php
  10. NodsDorf

    STS - Popup images not working

    This doesn't appear to be an Oscommerce installation.
  11. We have the Authorize.net (AIM) module installed it works fine except the data auth.net gets always shows an invoice number of 1. Is there a way to get the module to pass them the order number as the invoice number? Any help or suggestions is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. NodsDorf

    Setting up Google Checkout - problems

    If you have google checkout up and running, Simply go to your admin panel Modules > Payment Then Un-install everything but google checkout or in the case you may want to use them again in the future you can edit them and set the value to False. Done PS It is against the forum rules for users to post or solicit their business or charges. Osc is free to use and the support here is free.
  13. NodsDorf

    babelfish infobox

    I had this module installed a long time ago. It is very hand for customers who have customers outside the US but don't want to hassle with making the multiple language files and modules work. The BIGGEST PROBLEM is that like many contributions that use IMG tags our data feeds from other websites when you go into secure mode (HTTPS) a warning is displayed. I noticed this is with Babelfish, Google Ads, Live Chat ect. The only solution I know of is to dis-able these boxes when you enter a https section, in this case it would negate the purpose of Bablefish because customers would ultimately have to be able to read and process their orders in english. Or the alternative is every customer who goes into a secure page gets a warning about how the SSL does not cover all content that is being displayed. To many people that is enough to stop them from buying anything.
  14. NodsDorf

    Does anybody have a PayByCash module?

    Sorry Chris, PayByCash is a payment mitigation service, that many large companies use. Like Sony Online Entertainment, Turbine Entertainment, EA Entertainment (Pogo.com), Mythic Entertainment, companies that provide products that are in my field of business. http://www.PayByCash.com One of the benefits the service is they take payments from all the other type of payment sites like PayPal, Western Union, RuPay etc.. They charge the customer the service fees associated with the sale as opposed to the business paying the fees. They also consider the purchases Cash Transactions which are unable to be disputed (in most cases) thus lowering any charge back problems. Part of the problem trying to find anything about the service is when you search PayByCash the search engines assume you mean Pay By Cash.