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  1. I added the SEO sitemap contribution and have run into a problem mydomain.com now has 2 blue boxes and when I try to go to the urls with .html I get the same thing... The only way I can find my main page is to enter mydomain.com/index.php Any ideas? I have added the .htaccess redirect and made the changes in the sitemap.js file.... THanks for your help
  2. Any Ideas why the info is going to the wrong fields? If I am able to leave fields blank that I am not using, any ideas why values would change fields?
  3. I went back and added some items manually and then downloaded the file in easy populate. There are a few fields that are blank. I do I put in the blank fields? Few of the blank fields are v_products_url v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 Not sure if I am supposed to leave blank? I would think this would cause all items to change destination. If I take the entire field out that does not match up with the database either? THanks for your help
  4. I am using Easy Popluate and having a few issues. 1. For the recort I have added new product fields and ezier new fields To my categories as well as easypopulate. What I am running into is one of my new fields is being populated with the price for that item. So for Item A the actual price is showing up in the Price area as well as the value for the New Field. I went into Admin and actually changed 1 of the values of the New Field and it did change on the site. After doing that it seems as if Easy Populate is not entering the data correctly. I have 1200 items and many of the descriptions have % ' , etc......is this causing the problem?
  5. surplus

    Contribution questions

    I am sure there is an easy way to do this that I am missing... I think my problem lies with the attributes being in a different table then the products. I followed the instructions on adding product_###### fields to EP but adding attribute_###### is different with values, etc
  6. I have about 1000 items in my items list. Each Item has at least 1 attribute most having 2 with 2 to 3 values per option. I am using easy poplulate which works great but I would like to add a sort feature to it. I assume I have to add the fields, but I am not sure which sort program to use. Who is using an attribute sort and easy populate together? And how did you get the fields into easy populate? I have added product fields to easy populate but not sure how to add the attribute sort fields? Also. I would to change my attribute select options to radio buttons. I found this contribution Attributes option type selection but I can not follow it as I think you have to just overight files. Is there an easier to install contribution? Thanks for all the help!
  7. surplus

    Attribute Sort

    I installed Products Attributes Sort v1.0 The sort works in the admin side, but how do I add to easy popluate. As I will have 1000+ items each having attributes. THanks.
  8. I think it might be any field, I have ' in my descriptions
  9. do not have any apostrophes in the model # field
  10. surplus

    Attribute Sort

    What contribution should I use to sort the my attributes? I need this to work with easy populate. Thanks...
  11. I am getting duplicate items when I use the easy populate download form. I have EZ New Fields and New Product Fields installed Has anyone ever had this issue and how do I fix it?
  12. has anyone ever run into duplicate items in their easypoplulate downloaded file?
  13. surplus

    Add New Products fields

    I am having another issue with this as well I went ahead and put issues in the field on the easy populate sheet. But now I am limited to the number of characters. I can only put in Issues:# I want to have a format like Issues: ## how do I expand the field so it will accept a space and 2 more digits. my site thanks for your help
  14. surplus

    Add New Products fields

    Not sure if this is DB issue the new field in the DB: products_issues, varchar(30), null:yes not sure if this could cause any issue