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  1. jimdanforth

    OSC V4 and USPS

    origin zip code maybe?
  2. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    Great. Thanks.
  3. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    Are you referencing the menu at the top? I have cycled through all the options and none of them are matching what I requested.
  4. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    @Ivan HolbiI can see you have logged in a few times to my admin backend. What am I missing?
  5. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    @Ivan Holbi I guess Im just not finding it. I switched to that theme and still did not see it.
  6. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    Do I need to reinstall the watch theme. I switched to it using the chooser and dont see the tree.
  7. jimdanforth

    breadcrumb and category issues

    Thank you!
  8. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    @osCommerce-Official I dont see any messages.
  9. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    www.oktractor.com It also shows how I expect the breadcrumb to function. @Ivan Holbi is still working on that problem.
  10. jimdanforth

    tree style menu or box

    Need to add a box or column with a category tree. I have an example of what I want as long as admins approve posting a lingk.
  11. jimdanforth

    osCommerce 4.07

    Thanks! One major reason for me coming back to OS Commerce is the outlook for steady updates.
  12. jimdanforth

    WEBINAR - osCommerce Design

    little early for me but I could probably make it work.
  13. jimdanforth

    smart watch theme install fails

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will work through those. Hoping to find a work around for the breadcrumb issue as it could cause my customers to order the wrong part, so I am at a complete stop until I work something out.
  14. jimdanforth

    smart watch theme install fails

    reset storage key and still getting this error: "Failed to install application." I Don't see any other error.
  15. jimdanforth

    breadcrumb and category issues

    First a tiny bit of background. I have been an online retailer since the year 2000 for my full-time income, and used OScommerce for several years starting in late 2002. I am not a developer, but have made changes in code in the past for simple needs. Trying to avoid that in the future since real developers make core changes that break the changes I have made. This is more of an informative posting than question since @Ivan Holbi has helped significantly. 2 issues that present similar but have different causes. I have need a very deeply nested categories. 1) creating 2 categories with the same name can cause odd switching of category results. This is caused by creating categories that OSCommerce generates the SEO automatically from the category title, and if 2 SEO's are the same results may not be what is expected ie top category ->sub1 ->sub1->subA ->sub1->subB ->sub2 ->sub2->subA ->sub2->subB since subA is the same in 2 categories, clicking sub2, then subA may land you in sub1,subA FIX: under the SEO tab assure that none are the same. In my case, I changed "subA" to "sub1-subA" and it completely resolved. 2) breadcrumb will change if products are duplicated across categories. If a product is created in a particular category and then copied to another, selecting the product in the second category will change the breadcrumb to the first category. Here is Ivan's response: "The breadcrumb cannot display all the paths where the product is. It also cannot remember which path you go to the product. That is why the breadcrumb always displays the random (default) path to the product if the product is in a few categories. " FIX: I have not determined a fix yet. I will post an update if I can figure one out, but this is a show stopper for me because of my functional needs. I am certainly not critiquing anything, just hoping there is a resolution and trying to help others. Not sure if posting live link example is acceptable so I will hold off until I get approval.