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  1. Hi, I got a really really weird issue some times ago I attempt to migrate the site to MariaDB 10.6 , which it breaks due to the language is Spanish and some letters display messy , then if I do MariaDB 10.5 , it works fine here comes the weirdy , if I use AlmaLinux / Centos server + MariaDB 10.5 , it still works fine , however if I do Ubuntu 20.04 server + MariaDB 10.5 , it breaks on phpMyAdmin at both servers , I checked and compared the charset and collation , they are both same setting server env are mostly same as far I can tell , both are default Plesk installation , nothing is changed , db conf is also default settings so I am really scratching my hairs now , don't know what to check further.
  2. Hi, when edit a product , click on "save" , the page might stuck for long time I got feeling it has something to do with database lock , probably "lock_wait_timeout" setting , but DB is like alien stuff to me ... I was having error like this it seems I need to increase the lock_wait_timeout to higher value , if not it errors out when edit product , but if I do , it stucks for long time until it can finish the SQL update so it's kind of like a paradox , high timeout make page stuck for long time , low timeout make it unable to finish any hint or help will be much appreciated...
  3. thanks for the advice, I have updated it accordingly well , be honest I do not know , it happens randomly , most of time the product update finishes in 0.x second , occasionally it stuck like that
  4. thanks, please forgive me that I am not familiar with osccomerce I assume you meant to set this to false , and then reset the cache ? best regards,
  5. thanks for reply , if you refer to this cache option , it was never enabled
  6. thanks again , so far this workaround seems doing good , much appreciated : )
  7. Hi, my friend has a oscommerce site with some customization I think , by reading from PHP script , the programmer who built it is no long aler in contact with him recently he wants to migrate hosting from his current provider due resources restriction on shared hosting , in which I happen to have an OVH server , so I migrated his site over my server , on the surface it works fine but from time to time , the admin area is having weird issue 1) sometimes the order will be duplicated , the amount/product/quantity are exact same but timestamp is like 1 - 2 seconds difference , not sure if it's coincidence , it seems the chance for duplication is multiple times higher with CloudFlare proxy , but seems less happens without CF 2) sometimes after the order edit , the order will disappear from the order list , it is still in the database , I checked the tables , and the column order_status = 0 currency = empty currency_value = 0.0000 once I manually update them to 1 , EUR , 1.0000 respectively , the order shows up in the order list again , but it won't allow him to do any edit , so far I have been manually edit it directly from database for him as temp workaround, but this is not exactly a good solution my current is MariaDB 10.5.17 , where his previous provider was 10.5.16 , is it even possible for a minor version difference could cause all of these ? I also carefully look through the database settings by all the variables I can see from phpMyAdmin , pretty much all the same except I have some higher cache size also attempted to create same PHP version/extension as identical as possible , but seems none of these have any positive effect , the issue still happens from time to time so I have come here to seek help, appreciate any help or hint where I can look into Best regards,
  8. Hi, I applied the order_status_id = 0 , it shows up , however when I try to edit to to other status , it gives me 1366 - Incorrect decimal value: '' for column `db_name`.`orders`.`currency_value` at row 1 I assume this because the currency_value displays 0.00000 , but it seem does not let me to edit that field , should I forcefully make it default to 1 ? hope it won't break anything , but seems he runs on EUR only anyway.
  9. thanks for the hint , I will create a stage site for this , but one thing that bothers me is that , even I manually update the status/currency to the correct one , after that , edit it is still no possible, it doesn't save the change , could it be me not properly update the status and had to gone through the system itself ?
  10. thanks for the hint , would you please be more specific how to prolong the session ? --------- actually found in forum search $SESS_LIFE = 12000; increased it admin session to 12000 seconds , as well as session.gc_maxlifetime in php.ini , see if it helps