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  1. Ok, I changed the filename to my Froogle username and I'm still getting the messages: Connected to hedwig.google.com as user kayewood ready to upload... The FTP upload has FAILED! Local file: /catalog/kayewood.txt Remote file: kayewood.txt It's probably in my paths, and I'm confused. When I put the whole path (URL) I get a blank page. Technically my path is http://www.kayewood.com/catalog/kayewood.txt Here is that part of the code: //Where do you want to save the generated TXT file? Be sure to include the FULL path and title. // ! REQUIRED ! /// Make sure this is your FULL path to the save directory and name of file $this->savefilename = '/catalog/kayewood.txt'; //Do you want to enable auto enlarging for images? //Default is true and dimensions are proportional 500px by 500px $this->autoenlarge = false; //Where do you want to save the enlarged image? Be sure to include the FULL path and title. // ! REQUIRED ! /// Make sure this is the FULL path to your feed image directory $this->feedimagepath = '/catalog/feeds/'; //Trailing slash required! //What is the URL for the feed (enlarged) image folder? // ! REQUIRED ! /// This is the URL to the feed images directory $this->feedimageurl = 'http://www.kayewood.com/htdocs/catalog/feeds/'; //Trailing slashes required //What is the path to your images folder? // ! REQUIRED ! /// This is the FULL path to your normal images directory $this->imagepath = '/catalog/images/'; //Trailing slash required! //What is the URL for the images folder? // ! REQUIRED ! /// This is the URL to your images directory $this->imageurl = '/catalog/images/'; //Trailing slashes required! Can you see what needs to be changed?
  2. I'm getting this: The FTP upload has FAILED! Local file: http://www.kayewood.com/catalog/data_feed_template.txt Remote file: data_feed_template.txt Is it a permissions issue?
  3. My site is ready to go live, other than this one little problem. Can anyone help please? I have digital products that don't have shipping and I have a flat table rate for everything else. Anyone?
  4. I have individual shipping installed but it's not quite what I want. We have a table rate that we use based on order total, but some of our products are digital downloads. I have set the shipping cost to 0.0 for these products, yet they still charge the table rate shipping. Is there a way to fine tune this contribution or is my code messed up (again)? Terrye
  5. I too, would have use for this. We offer specials, for example one week a book might be regular price with shipping of 3.50 and the next week the same book might ship for .99 cents. To be able to turn this on and off would be nice. Is there a way to do this? :blink:
  6. Thanks, Steve. This forum is the greatest!
  7. I got this error while trying to install the Spanish sql file: Error SQL-query : CREATE TABLE featured( featured_id int( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , products_id int( 11 ) default '0' NOT NULL , featured_date_added datetime, featured_last_modified datetime, expires_date datetime, date_status_change datetime, STATUS int( 1 ) default '1', PRIMARY KEY ( featured_id ) ) MySQL said: #1050 - Table 'featured' already exists Do I have to have that sql file installed if I don't have the spanish language enabled?
  8. kincht

    family 3.0 problems

    Thanks for your ideas, Chris, acutally I had families set up before I installed 3.3 with version 2 and they are still there, just not showing up in the actual catalog. In 3.3 I set up families in the administration interface and still nothing. I did a dumb thing too, didn't realize that I had to back up through the admin. file, I just downloaded the 'catalog' folder to my hard drive and figured that was good, so I can't go back to the previous sql file that was working fine, just couldnl't set up several families per product. Now, for another question, when the installation file says "paste the following text at the "end" of the file..." it means before the <? yes? or is it really at the whole end after the php appears to be closed. If this doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. I'm so totally new to php that it intimidates me a bit. I was real cocky at first when the first version worked great, now my tail is between my legs .
  9. kincht

    family 3.0 problems

    I don't have SEF URLs turned on and it still doesn't show any family products - it is blank. So I put my backup copy back on (catalog with family_products 2....) cause I really don't have time to mess with this right now, and it still doesn't show any. Any idea where the problem might be? This is family_products_3_3 that I'm trying to work with.