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  1. Hi, I have recently installed Rigadin's v5.13 and it installed smoothly and seems to work for the most part. I use PayPal_IPN (I installed the Jan 27th update for use with CCGV) and when it gets to paypal it doesn't register the tax amount or the voucher amount if I have PayPal_IPN using "Per Item" as the transaction type. What makes this more frustrating is that if I switch over to "Aggregated" transaction type the voucher works yet the tax class doesn't show up. I have verified that I am using the correct sort order (as according to earlier posts). I understand that Rigadin doesn't use PayPal_IPN and can't test it. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you fix it to work with either transaction type? At this point I don't care what transaction type; although, would be nice if I could use the "per item" at some point. I appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you, James
  2. jrea8830

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Big Balou, I just went into my IIF file and changed the part that said "Sales 1474.99" to say "Sales -1474.99" and then I was able to import it. Great observation!!! So, Adam...is this a bug or does this tell you something that is obviously wrong with our setups? If it's not a bug or an obvious setup error, is there a way to alter either code or DB to automatically change that particular number to a negative number so we can use the contribution? Thanks Big Balou for the observation!! James
  3. jrea8830

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, Thank you for the response. The shipping is set-up as a non-taxable item. The line 13 (when opened in excel) is the last line "ENDTRNS" which is why I was thinking of the ! being the problem. As I looked more and more at the IIF I noticed it was supposed to be that way. I am also assuming that line 13 really isn't the "ENDTRNS" line; just my excel may be opening the IIF in the incorrect format. Do you know of anything in particular I need to do to open the IIF file correctly? Right now when I do it with Excel I am using TAB delimited and special character ";". Then I go to row # 13 (assuming this should be line # 13) and it is "ENDTRNS". Again, I think I am probably wrong in the way I am assuming this. I am sure there has to be some other way to figure out what the line is. Thank you, James
  4. jrea8830

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Dan, Thank you for the reply. I was mistaken in stating "Sales Order"; I am actually looking through the Invoices for the transaction. I simply just enter the invoices screen and try to view the last invoice which shows an invoice from an earlier transaction. I have not tried using the search option and inputing the invoice # it should be. I will try that next. If that doesn't seem to work I will then try to import it as a Sales Order and see if that resolves the situation. Thank you for the prompt response. James
  5. jrea8830

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, This is a great looking contribution. I recently installed the v2.01 with mostly success. I managed to get everything set-up correctly (as far as I know). When I try to import I get the "out of balance" error and then an error on Line # 13. Upon reviewing the IIF file I see that the last portion is "ENDTRNS" (missing the ! mark). I put the ! mark in and I seem to be able to import; atleast, it says it is successful. In reality it doesn't add a sales order to my Quickbooks (2004 version). Any ideas. I already verified the taxes is set correctly and the shipping via is correct. I appreciate any help you can give me to point me in the correct direction. Here is the coding I have gotten as a result of the exported IIF file(the sensitive information has been changed, everything else is the original text): !CUST NAME BADDR1 BADDR2 BADDR3 BADDR4 BADDR5 SADDR1 SADDR2 SADDR3 SADDR4 SADDR5 PHONE1 PHONE2 FAXNUM EMAIL NOTE CONT1 CONT2 CTYPE TERMS TAXABLE TAXITEM LIMIT RESALENUM REP COMPANYNAME SALUTATION FIRSTNAME LASTNAME CUST Rea-18 Joe Rea 111 somehwere Concord CA 94519 Joe Rea 111 somewhere Concord CA 94519 5551112222 jrea@somewhere.com Joe Rea Y CA-TAX Joe Rea !TRNS TRNSID TRNSTYPE DATE ACCNT NAME CLASS AMOUNT DOCNUM MEMO CLEAR TOPRINT ADDR1 ADDR2 ADDR3 ADDR4 ADDR5 SADDR1 SADDR2 SADDR3 SADDR4 SADDR5 NAMEISTAXABLE TERMS SHIPVIA REP FOB INVMEMO PAYMETH PONUM !SPL SPLID TRNSTYPE DATE ACCNT NAME CLASS AMOUNT DOCNUM MEMO CLEAR QNTY PRICE INVITEM TAXABLE PAYMETHOD EXTRA !ENDTRNS TRNS INVOICE 01/26/2005 Accounts Receivable Rea-18 1610.76 145136 N Y Joe Rea 111 Somewhere Concord CA 94519 Joe Rea 111 Somewhere Concord CA 94519 Y UPS Ground Concord, CA Cash 145136 SPL INVOICE 01/26/2005 Sales 1474.99 2U Rackmount Dual Xeon Barebones,RD400W,6 1-in Hot-Sw N -1 1474.99 SY-15675 Y SPL INVOICE 01/26/2005 N SPL INVOICE 01/26/2005 Shipping Charges - Income -14.08 Shipping Charges N -1 14.0800 Shipping Charges N SPL INVOICE 01/26/2005 N SPL INVOICE 01/26/2005 Test order # 3 N SPL INVOICE 01/26/2005 Sales Tax Payable State Board of Equalization -121.69 N 8.25% CA-TAX N AUTOSTAX ENDTRNS