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    Sitemap SEO

    Will Sitemap SEO help me? My osCommerce BS website -- 2.3.4 -- has almost 190,000 products and runs well, except when it comes to appearing on Google searches. It is my belief that potential visitors know exactly what they want and therefore perform their Google search based on the manufacturer name, part number and/or the name of the product. I currently use SEO URLs and Header Tags SEO. In addition, I wrote a program to create an HTML file for each product based on the manufacturer name, part number and product name, which points to the actual product on the website. I even go so far as to list all those html file names in a "master" productlist.html that is included in the site's sitemapspal.xml. None of the above efforts have produced satisfactory results. My question is, will Sitemap SEO help on a product-by-product basis, or should I be considering a different solution?
  2. Hi Rainer, In light of Google's recent decision to penalize sites that aren't mobile friendly (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/), this contribution is going to be a site life saver!! I have set up on a version 2.3.3 system. When selecting the menu choices across the top they point to a file which may or may not be present in the root of my store. -- catalog_mb.php, account.php, search.php, about.php. When the file is present, I am taken back to the classic version; when not present, it says the file is not found. Out of desperation, I edited FILENAME_CATALOG_MB, FILENAME_SEARCH and FILENAME_ABOUT in /includes/filenames.php to include "mobile/". Since then, when I select one of them, the proper page is displayed (i.e. the Store categories list). However, subsequent selections want to revert to back to the root file name (/catalog_mb.php), which causes the file not to be found like at first. Also, since there isn't a filename definition set for Account, I did not change anything, causing the classic account.php page to be displayed. Like with the other links, they end with "?redirectCancelled=true" Even for account.php?redirectCancelled=true, is that supposed to cause the program to automatically execute the file in the /mobile folder? I must be missing something, and will be very grateful if you will tell me what it is!. Thanks, Russ
  3. Great Contribution! Three questions: 1.) What do the search engine spiders do when they come to one of the error pages -- do they not know it is a 404 page (for example) and call it a good search? Hopefully, that is the case. 2.) A lot of the emails I receive say there was a 403 (Forbidden) error generated by a call to sitename.com/images/ (Requested URL). If I click on the Referer link, the real product page comes up fine. There is no call to the images folder on the page without an image file name attached to it. 3.) What causes the 500 (Internal Server) error? If I click on the Requested URL, the real product page comes up properly.
  4. When the "Enable SEO URLs" setting is True we are not able to search products using the Manufacturer pick list. Instead, it flips to index.php and only displays the home page. The regular "Use Search-Engine Safe URLs" from the My Store page is set to False. These are the settings from the SEO URLs page: Enable SEO URLs? false Add cPath to product URLs? false Add category parent to begining of URLs? true Filter Short Words 3 Enable SEO cache to save queries? true Enable product cache? true Enable categories cache? true Enable manufacturers cache? true Enable articles cache? true Enable topics cache? true Enable information cache? true Enable automatic redirects? true Choose URL Rewrite Type Rewrite Enter special character conversions Remove all non-alphanumeric characters? false Reset SEO URLs Cache false See anything I'm missing??