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  1. kevin_miller

    SecPay Payment Module

    This error - "Template Not Found" generated by SECPay when trying to do the callback - will happen if you have .htaccess password protection on your osCommerce store directory or when anything else that does not generate an HTTP 200 OK header is found by SECPay's server callback request.
  2. kevin_miller

    SecPay Payment Module

    Craig (evilbear), Did you reslove this problem with the SECPay module? I've just set one up and was presented with the same error page when completing an "always successful" test transaction. The callback page does exist and when I just copy and paste the callback url stated in the error message into my browser address bar and hit "return" the transaction completes properly and I'm directed to my Success! page. Any advice much apprieciated. If I resolve this I'll post my findings.
  3. kevin_miller

    Transaction Mode In Secpay

    Hi I've not been to this board for a while and can see that getting a reply from anyone is now pretty difficult. To answer your question .... if you haven't got your head round it yet: "Always Successful" means that the transaction will always get authorised at SECPay (but no money changes hands) regardless of credit card details used - it is a testing state. "Always Fail" is the opposite of this. All transactions will fail - even with valid card details. These states are used to test your cart for what happens when cards go through or when they do not, without needing to use your real credit card details. "Production" is the state your SECPay module should be in once you're live and ready to accept real punters buying real stuff from your shop. Hope this is of help
  4. kevin_miller

    Payment Recieved but No Order

    You could just log in manually as the customer involved and remove the products from the shopping cart yourself. Use a master password - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2180. This is also useful for troubleshooting any aspect of a customers account. I still haven't got to the bottom of why some orders are not completed successfully when using SECPay's (or any other) payment gateway. The "Checkout" button on the credit card payment page at SECPay is the only button that requires to be pressed by the customer before they are automatically redirected through checkout_process.php to checkout_success.php. If anyone reading this has any ideas or further information relating to this problem please do reply to this post. I read somewhere that this problem is being resolved for MS3 release of osCommerce. How are the developers going about doing that?
  5. kevin_miller

    Payment Recieved but No Order

    I've seen this behaviour when using the SECPay payment gateway to process orders. 80% of the time everything works as it should and orders are placed in the database but about 15% of the time the customer details and delivery/billing address are lost and only the products ordered are logged. The remaining 5% of the time the orders are completely empty. I don't have a solution to this but would really like anyone's thoughts on how best to sort it out. Installing a contribution like held orders v2 might be a way around it but that means that every order will get logged in the database whether the customer gets to checkout_confirmation.php
  6. kevin_miller

    Logging Order Before Payment Processing

    Does anyone know the reason why some orders are not completely fulfilled in osCommerce when using a payment gateway (I'm currently using SECPay)? Sometimes I get orders with customer names and billing/delivery addresses missing and occassionally there is also no ordered product details. Most of the time the system works as it should and hitting "Checkout" on the SECPay server payment page sends the customer back to my server and loads checkout_process.php which writes the appropriate details to my database and sends out the confirmation emails. I'm aware that there are some contributions to try and get around this (held orders etc..) by logging orders at the checkout confirmation stage before heading off to the payment gateway. Does anyone have thoughts on what might be causing this intermittent behaviour in the first place?