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  1. Satish and MarcoZorro, You're both right. I did a test making the cart paid to my own PayPal account instead, not the real store owner's account. Now I didn't see such error. It might be the PayPal preference as Satish suggested, so I asked the store owner modifying her preference as such. I'm still waiting for her telling me the result... And Brian, I totally agree with you. I need to reinstall my certificate making it right, otherwise the customers will doubt in our site's security. Thanks again for your advise, Satish and MarcoZorro. Regards, Thidarat
  2. I did posting about the issue that PayPal detects error like "The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details." Still have no clue how this happens. But I just come up with new observation. Just found out that when viewing the security certificate via browser, it shows that the certificate is issued to my domain and is issued by my domain as well. Now I'm curious if this probably made PayPal saw my website as uncrypted??? Any similar experience? Any comments will be grateful. I'm totally clueless now. Regards, Thidarat
  3. thidarat

    I have SSL certificate but PayPal thinks I don't

    Thanks so much, Brian, for helping me out. I'm still wondering if 'pay now' button caused this. In fact, I don't know this button very much. It's likely that I would have no idea how to implement this button on my site. Poor me :P Let me explain more on how this error shows. After clicking 'confirm order' on my webiste, it took a few seconds to redirect to PayPal. But once the redirection was done, PayPal didn't show anything other than such error and a 'Return to Merchant' button. What confused me the most is that it worked before. The last payment made to PayPal was on Sep.23rd and I've not made any changes to the website ever since. Is it possible that the seller's PayPal account profile has been changed somehow and cause this? Since I'm just a webmaster but not the store owner who really have a seller account, so that would be the only thing beyond my control. So headache. Thidarat
  4. Anyone experienced this before? My website has been using PayPal almost a year now and it'd just renewed SSL certificate last month. After that, there still were a few transactions went thru and able to make payment via PayPal. But all the sudden, PayPal recently shows this error to the customers instead: Error Detected --------------------------- The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details Can anyone give me suggestion what could go wrong with my website? Any comments will be helpful. Regards, Thidarat
  5. Hi, I've read through the thread, but kind of lost myself. :( Can anybody tell me how I should do if I'd like to set shipping rate like this? If the total purchase is over $150, no shipping fee required. But if the total purchase falls below $150, the following criteria will be applied. - if total weight is lower than 500 gram, the shipping fee will be $20 - if total weight is higher than 500 gram, the shipping fee will be $25. I installed this MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module and made up 2 Geo Zones that applied on the same region. First Geo zone is based on price, and I set shipping table like this 0:25,150:0. Second Geo zone is based on weight, and I set shipping table like this 0:20,500:25. But it didn't work as I expected. Seems like it uses only the first geo zone to calculate and ignore the second. AARHH....what should I do? Any help will be very appreciated. Regards, Thidarat
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    Any comment? :( :( I'm still waiting.
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    I would like to redefine 'FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE' in German from Versandkostenfrei to something else that should be shown on checkout_confirmation.php So far I've found out that three files have this variable defined: - /includes/languages/german/checkout-shipping.php - /includes/languages/german/index.php - /includes/lanuages/german/order_total/ot-shipping.php I did replace Versandkostenfrei with a new word in every file, but the word hasn't changed at all. What file exactly is the one? Please help :( Regards, Thidarat
  8. thidarat

    XCoin, Anyone used it before?

    Has anyone ever use XCoin (XCoin.com) as a payment gateway for your website? I really need your input here. Is it similar to those payment gateways such as PayPal? As far as I read on their website, they provide money transfer service over the Internet. The sender and recipient need to have accounts with them. Only the sender knows the recipient's email address, he will be able to send money to the recipient in a snap. The problem is I don't know whether they support money sending for e-commerce website or not. I emailed them asking this, but no reply at all. I will be very grateful if anyone can help me with this. Please.......... Regards, Thidarat
  9. thidarat

    Problem with 'PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v2.8'

    You're absolutely correct, devosc. Just found out that one file has been missed to be replaced -- catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal.php All configurations are shown now. :lol: Thanks a lot. Hope I didn't miss other file else. <_< Mork
  10. I currently run osCommerce MS2.2 and just installed PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v2.8 contribution by following its installation intruction step by step. But once I got into admin page and installed PayPal module once again, and click 'edit' its configuration. Why do I have only simple PayPal configurations as I had before? Only 'Enable PayPal Module' , 'Email address', 'Transaction Currency', 'Payment Zone', 'Set Order Status', and 'Sort order of display' shown for editing, but not the new configurations as listed in 'Configuration Guide' at all. Right now, I still don't know where I could change 'PayPal Domain'. How sad. Any help will be appreciated. I'm doomed. :( Regards, Mork